Whew! I’m glad to be home, but I sort of stepped off the bus and into the grind. They’re trying to move up the release date for Clear Water, and Alpha is out which needs some promo and, well, I actually have a new release today!

Tomorrow or Monday I’ll put together my vacation post (because I’m desperate to chat about it!) and SQuishy fans will get a fix at the bottom of the page (it’s cute, too!) but today I sort of need to get pumped for Changing!

Changing is the fourth book in the Jack & Teague novella series–and the place where the series REALLY sort of picks up in intensity. Reaching was almost light hearted–Teague got upset, Cory calmed him down, Happy Thanksgiving, all is well hurray! Changing has action, adventure, and a lot more angst–and we see how TRULY tight Teague’s emotional wire is wound, and it’s sort of dangerously tight, and we feel for the guy. (When I released these online, I used to wait for Katy’s exclamation whenever she read one– “Oh Amy!” let me know I’d done it right, and this one got that in spades!)

Anyway, I love these guys–and knowing this one was coming out prompted me to write on Quickening in Canada. (The @#$%$@@ computer promptly LOST 5K of work, which I’m trying to find, dammit! but I was enjoying working on it!)

So let me introduce Changing–I hope the Jack & Teague fans enjoy. (And if you AREN’T a Jack & Teague fan, by all means, start at Yearning and work your way down!)

It’s available at ARe (which has the .prc format for Kindle) and Torquere Presswhich, I believe, also has all e-book formats as well.

And for those of you doubting I will get to the vacation stories, I’ll show you what the kids were up to while I was gone.

The lizard has a name, btw–I think that one was Right-Tail, and he and his brothers (Billy Bob and Shortie) were released into the wild shortly after this picture was taken yesterday. But in the meantime, the lizards got to play with my adoring children, and the children got to watch them eat giant moths in a terrarium. Can I just say that grandmas house has never rocked this hard?

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  1. roxie says:

    And there's the Squish, enchanting even the reptiles of this world. Right Tail? Love it!

    Write on dear. You are an honest to god PRO!

  2. Everyone had a good time. That's a win.

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