Heigh Ho, Heigh HO!

on October 29, 2010

Okay, other matters have sort of overshadowed this, but Im actually leaving TODAY and I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I’m going to Yaoi-Con. Now I know I don’t write and illustrate manga graphic novels featuring young male/male romances–I am aware that I write fiction, and that it’s very different, but my publisher and a lot of other… Read More


on October 27, 2010

“Mo–omm! I’m bored. Take me somewhere RIGHT NOW!” “Sorry, Squish, we’ve got nothing on the menu until we pick up Chicken and Zoomboy, and then you go to dance lessons.” “But I don’t WANT to go to dance lessons. That’s not the somewhere I meant!” *** “Mo–omm! What do you think of the Lawrence Olivier… Read More

It’s Not What It Looks Like…

on October 24, 2010

(Well, it is what it looks like, but it’s not what you think!) Okay, so this is supposed to have some fiber content, and this is fiber at it’s most lush: crocheted alpaca. As in, omigod, this is better than bathing in champagne ALPACA! It was lovely, lush, and amazing–but not when I was knitting… Read More

First there’s bricks, then purple twinkies…

on October 22, 2010

then flying monkeys, and then… Well, let’s just say my stomach hasn’t been happy in this last week and leave it at that. This morning, I ditched the workout regimen and the housecleaning resolutions, and slept with Squish on my lap for two hours, while my dehydrated body recapped a little bit of snoozola. It… Read More

Sleight of Hand…

on October 20, 2010

Okay– I REALLY loved the Hammer & Air cover, and I thought I’d put up some other pretty cover art too… Except I could not find the Litha’s Constant Whim cover, which is a shame… Since that could very well be my all-time favorite…

Golden days..

on October 19, 2010

Have spent some nice time at home with Squish–got another chance to go to the gym this morning, and in spite of the fact that the light is thin and gold and the sky is Easter-basket-blue, the pool was actually very pleasant. Squish was excited to see people besides mom (she’s very social– not going… Read More

Aren’t they beautiful?

on October 17, 2010

I know we have some others of Chicken, with her camo-punk olive green dress, and, she looks spectacular. (All her doing. We had a classic mother/daughter poutfest because she asked me to do her hair, and, well, my hair was brushed, and that’s not really much of a qualification.) Anyway, my dad took them both… Read More

The Kids are All Right

on October 15, 2010

I got an opportunity to go swimming to day, which would have been sort of cool, except, hello, it was OCTOBER! I went anyway, but the miserable heat this late in the year is worrying–I mean, yes, we know global warming exists, but there’s nothing like having our noses rubbed in it, right? The big… Read More

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost

on October 12, 2010

Now, some of you might remember this as “The Adrian Story” or “Adrian and the Angels”. I wrote it about a year ago, semi-inspired by the Dreamspinner anthology call, “A Brush of Wings”. The story was about 8,000 words too long, though, and then that whole Liquid Silver debacle occurred wherein, I sent them this… Read More