It’s Not What It Looks Like…

(Well, it is what it looks like, but it’s not what you think!)

Okay, so this is supposed to have some fiber content, and this is fiber at it’s most lush: crocheted alpaca. As in, omigod, this is better than bathing in champagne ALPACA!

It was lovely, lush, and amazing–but not when I was knitting it. No, this yarn really came alive for me when I was crocheting it. I think it’s the lack of spring, but for some reason, I just was not loving the knitted fabric, so I decided to crochet it instead, and since I was doing alternating mesh blocks with solid blocks, I thought, “Well hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if I did those chain-three-slip-stitch designs in the mesh blocks?” And it WAS cool. I thought I’d repeat the designs every so often, and then I just kept getting more and more ideas, until I got about three quarters of the way through and then (you knew this was coming) I thought, “Oh shit. I can’t THINK of any more baby themed motifs to put on a frickin seven x seven frickin mesh!” So I was KILLING myself–I repeated ONE MOTIF in the entire blanket, and then I just kept coming up with desperation ideas. I mean, there’s a PI symbol there–and you know, when *I* reach for the math? It’s gotta be frickin’ bad, right?

So, one of those little motifs is a rattle. I swear. When the blanket is right side up, it looks like a rattle.

So, in the second picture, it’s right side up. You can’t see the rattle, but trust me. It’s there.

In the first picture, you can see the rattle. It’s second row from the bottom, second motif from the left.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can hear you all from where you are, saying, “Uhm, Amy? That doesn’t look like a rattle.”

I SWEAR TO BOB, IT’S FRICKIN’ RATTLE! *sniffle* I swear–the blanket’s for a little girl baby. It’s a rattle. It is. For real. I wouldn’t bullshit you about that. *hurt sniffle* I mean, guys… you KNOW I wouldn’t put *that* on a baby blanket, right?

Right? Anyone?

*sigh* I’m still sending the blanket out. The kid was just born, and she lives in Colorado, and it’s a small blanket and I want mom to get it before winter hits, because, yanno, it’s alpaca, and that’s what alpaca is made for, right?

I’ll just put a little post-it note on that square.

It’ll say, “I SWEAR it’s a rattle!”

I think the mom will understand.

0 thoughts on “It’s Not What It Looks Like…”

  1. roxie says:

    If you meant it to be anything other than a rattle, you would have made a repeating motif of it. Like usual. 🙂

    Alpaca? It's gonna get puked on. Does the mom know how to wash woolies?

    It's a beautiful blankie, and clearly has love in every stitch. Beautiful job!

  2. Chris says:

    That'll keep the new one snuggly warm!

  3. molli says:

    Its a rattle! or an upside down mushroom……

    I'm having a horrible time trying to knit a lacy shawl with the alpaca, keep messing up the count!

  4. DecRainK says:

    I can see that its a rattle. Looks soft :0)

  5. Galad says:

    I love Roxie's practicality 🙂 Send washing instructions for woolies!

  6. Very nice. Those are rattles? As in snakes? Isn't that a bit extreme?

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