Would you believe…

on May 31, 2008

I got home on Friday and my mom called up and wanted to take the kids today? All day? They get to spend the night? DUDES!!! Did you know I’ve got a HUSBAND? News to me, too–but he has all these nifty ideas about what to do with our time…I may take him up on… Read More

One liners…

on May 29, 2008

I’ve been surrounded by them, and I’m trying to think of some of the zingers that have set Mate or I off in the last couple of days. * I don’t know what T was watching–I’ve either forgotten or blocked it out. But a couple of nights ago he came up to me while I… Read More

School and Family

on May 27, 2008

It’s been sort of a weird day–it’s been the sort of day where most of my students have given me a reason to want to be here. Except my 6th period, of course, but then, I’ll have to content myself with the sad fact that I’ll probably outlive most of the kids that are giving… Read More

What do you mean, I haven’t blogged today?

on May 26, 2008

It’s not like I’ve done much else! The feet are acting up again, and if they’re gonna act up, I wish they’d act like an exotic dancer’s feet and get me somewhere cool, because this other thing is just pissing me off. Anyway, I spent a lot of my day with Ladybug on my lap,… Read More

Whatnots and Memes

on May 23, 2008

First of all, thank you! Do not worry if you didn’t feel the same way about the prologue as the other posters–that’s why I sent it out, to get a variety of opinions. I”m going to clarify some things, and if it makes a difference, let me know. 1. Torrant and Yarri both live through… Read More

Since you all insist…

on May 21, 2008

(and thank you so much for insisting…) Okay, here’s the deal. I talked a lot about ‘Goddess Stories’ in the first book–and not at all in the second. I did this on purpose. I wanted to prep everybody for ‘Triane’s Son’ and ‘Oueant’s Son’ to be in their own Goddess story, so to speak. And… Read More

Pieces, picking up…

on May 19, 2008

* First of all, I”m overdue for a me-me from Knit-tech–I haven’t forgotten you, darling, I’m just distracted. I’ll get there:-) * Second, I finally managed to post my package to my blogoversary winner–here’s hoping she’s not disappointed. She got signed books and yarn (the yarn was, fortunately, not signed;-) and some goodies for the… Read More

Tired Bananas

on May 18, 2008

Well, Fungus, god of podiatry has been partially appeased by two days of keeping my foot iced–I can walk again, and, in fact, went for a walk today, which felt wonderful. (Until I got back, that is, but we shall not speak of that.) Of course, I got home soaked in sweat! Our temperature has… Read More

Unfortunately, my foot’s still attached to my ankle.

on May 13, 2008

Okay–I seriously violated the 4F’s of foot care–I’m Fat, over Forty, Flat-Footed, and on Mother’s day, I wore Flip-Flops. In doing so, I must have seriously pissed off Fungus, the minor god of Podiatry, because I am in some serious, mojo-busting pain. It has improved a little since yesterday–I’ll give it that. Yesterday, after sitting… Read More