Whatnots and Memes

First of all, thank you! Do not worry if you didn’t feel the same way about the prologue as the other posters–that’s why I sent it out, to get a variety of opinions. I”m going to clarify some things, and if it makes a difference, let me know.

1. Torrant and Yarri both live through the action of the book. They return home, stitch together their hearts, and continue their lives.
2. Yarri’s death occurs after the main action ends, and before the ‘thirty years in the future begins’–they get three ‘post war’ years together. Her death will be described briefly in the epilogue.
3. If this makes the narrative overlay less of a ‘spoiler’ (especially if I tweak it so that it’s clear they had some happy years) let me know.

Second of all–I work with a bunch of total wussies. (Yes, that means you, you know who you are!!!) I was reading this blog during lunch, and when I came in a little late and told my colleagues that I was voting on the ‘silver anus/purple prose’ contest, they got all shocked and bothered. Holy Carp, Fishman, have men never heard of housewife porn? (They also seemed to find some irony in the fact that, in a room known for it’s foulness, the one person who could bring down the house was a mother of four who was knitting at the time. Yeah, I could enjoy that a little.)

Third of all–the Meme.

I actually got tagged for this one twice, once by Knittech and once by Louiz, and so, I felt as though I must-must finish this me-me. I’ll put and link the folks I tag–I’m gonna try and tag some folks whose blogs I should read more often, because I’m trying to expand my little circle of friends here. (It’s hard–it takes time, but I’m getting the hang of ‘expanding’.)

1. Ten years ago I was… working in this same crappy job, except I enjoyed it a lot more. We were getting ready to move into the Lane crapmansion and thinking about getting a dog. We had an entirely different set of cats.

2. Five things on today’s to do list:

* write after school
* go to the bathroom (also after school, when it’s deserted and I’ve got five minutes to myself.)
* start an afghan for a student–quickie style
* chaperone a dance
* sing night-night to my kids

3. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:
pay bills, move to a classier crapmansion with my very own yarn-room, write books full time
4. Three bad habits:

I spend money like a drunken monkey with a cash card
I eat like an elephant on leave from a fat farm
I fail to control my tongue (or my typing) when the matter calls for professionalism. (That ‘these students are the amoebas in Satan’s dysentery’ memo is going to haunt me for a while.)
I have no concept of time ever.
I would rather eat out than cook.
I would rather knit or write than clean.

And I could go on. I’m not a good person. We know that.

5. Five places I’ve lived: (This one is just so sad!!!)
Loomis, CA (with mom & dad)
Orangevale, CA (with dad)
San Carlos, CA (with grandma while I was going to school in San Francisco)
Carmichael, CA (with Mate, while attending C.S.U. Sacramento)
Ophir, CA (with Mate, when the tall people were short, and he was going to school.)

Seriously, people–can you see why I get all excited about people in other states/countries/planets? My senior quote in the yearbook was, “Most of the really exciting places I’ve been are in my mind. I don’t know if anyone would recognize them if they went there.” Who knew it would be a frickin’ prophecy, yeah?

Anyway, I tag Galad
and Donna Lee (she can pass this one off to Em if she wants:-)

Have fun, and have a nice weekend!

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    Now I have to go and try to think of some thing interesting to say about myself. Never my strong suit. I have lived in NJ almost all of my life. I have learned that I am a true homebody and have no wanderlust at all. I used to feel weird about that, like I was defective or something. Now I just accept it as me. Being 50 is all about the acceptance….

  2. TinkingBell says:

    Aaah – I love the amoebas quote (can I borrow it if I cite it properly? Puhleese? I travelled far from my childhood home and then washed back to 50km away! Taht’s the way it goes -really, acorns don’t fall too far from their trees!

  3. roxie says:

    Some people can travel the entire world and never change their narrow perspective on life. Other people can stay in one small town and change the world.

    Wussies. Snicker.

  4. Galad says:

    I am quite sure the knitting mother of four is a subversive element that must be subdued! Thankfully, you would never let that happen. Just keep broadening horizons, one prude at a time.

  5. The only reason why I’ve lived in so many places is Dad was in the military. When he got out, he worked as a carpenter – gotta move to where the work is. I could have my room packed within an hour when I was younger. In the past 18 plus years, I’ve moved three times.

  6. Siercia says:

    @whee! I never get tagged! I’ve been such a blog slacker, maybe this’ll motivate me to get to posting =)

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