Wow. Just… You know. Wow.

on July 31, 2019

So I know some of you keep up with me on FB and were probably not surprised to see I didn’t blog for more than a week. Some of you have probably been wondering where I’ve been. Let’s start with the obvious. A. I didn’t win the RITA for best short romance.  For the record?… Read More

Jai/George Part 7–Good Morning to You!

on July 19, 2019

So a quick installment tonight before the weekend. Remember, I’m taking off Monday morning for New York, so this is going to have to tide us over! *  *  * Good Morning to You!  George slept in sort of a half-aroused fever dream, engulfed in the arms of a giant who kept him warm and safe… Read More


on July 18, 2019

To make it perfectly clear, I was going to write some Jai/George tonight. I was excited about writing some Jai/George. They were gonna go round two. I was gonna blow your minds with it, I swear. I was celebrating you see–because that edit that was giving me hell two weeks ago came back, and my… Read More

Warm Heart–Now Available!

on July 16, 2019

So, I’m sure nobody who’s followed me for any length of time will be surprised to know I love me some action adventure mixed with my romance. I love shows where there are fight scenes and survival scenes and hunting down bad guys (not in this book, but still!)  I love the snark and the… Read More

Don’t Slow Down–Jai/George Part 6

on July 15, 2019

So, continuing on from where we last left off… warning, this is a little more explicit than my other sex scenes. Uh, enjoy? *  *  * “Slower?” George panted, struggling minimally with Jai’s binding grip on his wrists. “But I want faster?” Jai chuckled and shifted between George’s legs. George’s breath caught. Naked. They were… Read More

Getting to Know You…Jai/George Part 5

on July 11, 2019

It’s been a while since I visited Jai and George–I seem to remember there about to be sex… Which I may not get to tonight–but I WILL get to it. * * * George could barely contain himself enough to sit down, but Jai insisted. He’d cooked dinner, was plating it up on camp plates,… Read More

Bitch Please…

on July 9, 2019

Okay, so the house has been taken over by Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I’m not even kidding. Chicken started out by bringing it to the teenagers while I was shopping last week, and by the time I caught on to what was going on in my house, the kids were hooked. After a bumpy season–which… Read More

A Matter of Scope

on July 7, 2019

Okay– so I had a fasciitis flare up, which means my keyboard time went WAY down this weekend–and my knitting in front of the TV time went WAY up. Wasn’t fun for the kids– lots of waiting on mom–but I finished my shawl (modeled by a reluctant Squish here) and I figured out the problem… Read More

Lace Work

on July 4, 2019

Okay–so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with this pattern, but I know that I’ve finished the last row TWICE and the number count is off. Now some people would — and rightfully so– frog the whole thing back to the white part and try again.  Fuck the last week– they want their lace… Read More

Playing Chess with Yourself and Losing

on July 3, 2019

I am in the middle of a particularly messy edit right now. In case you’re wondering what that looks like, here’s a little diary of my thought process when I’m asked to make changes to my work: Me, during editing: Well I did TOO put that part in and I don’t know why you couldn’t… Read More