Warm Heart–Now Available!

So, I’m sure nobody who’s followed me for any length of time will be surprised to know I love me some action adventure mixed with my romance. I love shows where there are fight scenes and survival scenes and hunting down bad guys (not in this book, but still!)  I love the snark and the banter and drama and the conflict that come from two smart heroes trying to figure out how to survive.

It’s just, you know, in my version of H-50 or Fast and the Furious or Hobbes and Shaw, there would be a lot more kissing, some wild sex, and then the final car chase, right?

So when I was asked to write another series for Dreamspun Desires, I took a look at their new vision for the series–sort of sleeker, a little more fantasy driven, a little more over the top–and I thought, “Okay, I’m gonna do some Search & Rescue based books.”  No crime solving (maybe in the third one)– just searching and rescuing and some action and adventure and some falling in love and some hot sex.

And hey– that’s what we get in Warm Heart. 

I’m so excited about this book! Part of that is I just finished Silent Heart, the second in the series, and I got clearance for Wounded Heart, the fourth book, and I’m excited about starting Safe Heart, which is number three. Like with my other Dreamspun series, the Mannies, I had a blast writing these. There’s some tension, and a few heart pounding moments because the world’s different, but there’s this whole joy of being alive thing that does not get old.

So sit back, have some iced tea by the pool, and read about a plane crash in the Sierras in winter. And hopefully the love scenes will keep you plenty warm!

Search and Rescue: Book One
Survive the adventure. Live to love.

Following a family emergency, snowboarder Tevyn Moore and financier Mallory Armstrong leave Donner Pass in a blizzard… and barely survive the helicopter crash that follows. Stranded with few supplies and no shelter, Tevyn and Mallory—and their injured pilot—are forced to rely on each other.

The mountain leaves no room for evasion, and Tevyn and Mal must confront the feelings that have been brewing between them for the past five years. Mallory has seen Tevyn through injury and victory. Can Tevyn see that Mallory’s love is real?

Mallory’s job is risk assessment. Tevyn’s job is full-on risk. But to stay alive, Mallory needs to take some gambles and Tevyn needs to have faith in someone besides himself. Can the bond they discover on the mountain see them to rescue and beyond?

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