But yes, I made it to lunch…

on April 29, 2016

So a few months ago, this absolutely wonderful woman named Karen Rose hunted me down on e-mail and said she loved my work. (I’m totally name-drop-bragging now. I realize this.)  I was tickled and awed– because I had JUST uploaded like, six of Karen’s books onto my Kindle. I’ve said it before– het suspense is… Read More

The Five Senses Blog Tour– Amy’s Day

on April 28, 2016

With a hypersensitivity to smell, an autistic person may find smells intense and overpowering. This can cause toileting problems. It may also mean they dislike people with distinctive perfumes, shampoos, etc. This is part of R.J. Scott’s blog hop, and you can find the other posts HERE–and they’re wonderful.  Hi, all!   So, I’m part… Read More

The Scorpion on the Moon

on April 27, 2016

So, sorry about slacking off on the ficlets– I left you right in the middle of a whole werewolf thing, and then RT happened.  I’ll get back to more of that this weekend I promise–but for now, I’m feeling an odd need for poetry. But first, Big T’s friend asked Neil Gaiman a question–and Neil… Read More

Dragonflies and Peacocks

on April 26, 2016

 So, now that I’m home and things are recovering their normalcy, I am back to taking walks every day and knitting. (And writing and editing and picking kids up and napping–I’m a SPECTACULARLY consistent napper) but the walks and the knitting bring me special joy. So, this morning, as I was walking, I stopped to… Read More

Overheard in My House

on April 25, 2016

Mate to dogs: C’mere. No, you don’t need to lick me. No, I don’t care about that. No, stop getting excited. Listen. This is important. Don’t chase the cats. You heard me. Don’t. Chase. The cats! Do we understand? Dogs: *chase cats chase cats chase cats* Me: Yeah, I don’t think they get it. *… Read More

Help, I need a backhoe!

on April 24, 2016

The problem with running off from the farm to join the circus is that while you’re trying to be a clown, the cowshit is backing up and the chickens keep laying eggs in full nests. In short, I’m buried. B.U.R.I.E.D. Hence, this little conversation between me and my conscience. Fucking conscience. Needier than the damned… Read More

Ten Hours Editing

on April 22, 2016

I know I joke a lot about how my pastimes make me the world’s most boring human, but seriously. Yesterday I spent ten hours editing. Ten. Hours. I woke up this morning with an editing hangover–neck hurt, back hurt, head hurt–and then, because tired, I didn’t make it to the pool which would have eased… Read More

Backlist Ba-Dump-Bump!

on April 21, 2016

Hey all– I’ll have some more RT stories for you tomorrow, and some chatting about Selfie, but in the meantime, Lillian Francis sent me her Ba-Dump-Bump a couple of weeks ago, and she’s been waiting SO VERY PATIENTLY too! So enjoy the history of her book Lovers Entwined– I love that she sent a YouTube… Read More


on April 20, 2016

* Zoomboy is fine. He wants everyone to know that he did NOT catch that minnow in the picture I put up two days ago, that was BAIT, and his first fish is yet to be caught. * Squish is fine. I went to brush her hair this morning and realized that it was still… Read More


on April 18, 2016

It’s out (yay!) and I’m so proud. I’m traveling from Las Vegas back home today, so I’ll post the backlist bump on Tuesday and talk some more about RT on Wed.  In the meantime, enjoy Connor–I so much loved having him in my head. _  _  _  _   One year ago, actor Connor Montgomery… Read More