I’m Sylvester…

on July 28, 2007

So the Cave Troll got a hold of the old Warner Brother’s cartoons we have on dvd, and one day (about the time it dawns on me that it’s a gorgeous morning and he needs to be outside turning browner) he comes running out of my bedroom going, “I’m not the Cave Troll, I’m Sylvester…”… Read More

Two Things That Couldn’t Wait…

on July 27, 2007

Thing the first: Yes–it’s done!!! I’ll give a pattern tomorrow or Saturday, but it’s done, and it’s gorgeous, and he loves it. (Of course, he’ll love it better when it’s blocked. Or is that me?) Thing the second: Vulnerable’s big book review! Yes, I know it’s been reviewed before, but this is it’s first official… Read More

The Midnight Rambler…

on July 26, 2007

(Since I’ve turned my kids on to the Rolling Stones and all…) I’m about 1/2 an hour away from being done w/Kewyn’s sweater–hooray, an FO!!! I’ve sworn off the Amazon.com forums forever…I just get to worked up…I’ve got too many other things to get all wired up about. We’ve finally made hotel reservations–don’t expect to… Read More

From the Files of the Yarn Harlot

on July 22, 2007

Okay– I wrote this a long time ago, b.b. (before blogging) and sent it to the Yarn Harlot–I thought it was hilarious, but Steph didn’t get a chance to answer… (or she thought I was insane–either or…) Anyway, I was posting it to the website, and thought I’d share it here first, because, you know,… Read More

Hey–does anyone else do this?

on July 20, 2007

Okay…I’m going to crap up my perfectly boring blog with pictures made of shite… forgive me… Does anybody else do the SSK decrease the way I do? I’m just curious. First, I put the yarn over the left hand needle, in front of the next stitch, like this shitty picture will indicate: Next, I lift… Read More

Today I get to Knit…

on July 20, 2007

I’m so tired of running errands… I don’t care if it’s grocery shopping one day or dog food the next or soccer/dance/karate/gymnastics oh God! or visiting people on the off hours… And let’s take a look at that visiting thing, shall we? I have been very blessed to have had three sets of grandparents–my mother’s… Read More

Okay, Now I Just Feel Bad…

on July 17, 2007

The writer of the shorter review took her review down! I’d left a comment on her review–it said, “I’m sorry you didn’t like the book (and I am!) but most of the action in ‘Vulnerable’ takes place in So. Placer County, not Sacramento–are you sure you reviewed the right book?” Her reply was that she… Read More

“We didn’t like all the dragons…”

on July 16, 2007

Okay–this next e-mail is going to be petualant and whiny–feel free to press delete if you’re not into petulant and whiny today. But I am so DONE with people trashing my books and doing it BADLY!!! I like CONSTRUCTIVE criticism–I swear to Goddess I do. If someone were to say, “I didn’t see that change… Read More