Hey–does anyone else do this?

Okay…I’m going to crap up my perfectly boring blog with pictures made of shite… forgive me…

Does anybody else do the SSK decrease the way I do?

I’m just curious.

First, I put the yarn over the left hand needle, in front of the next stitch, like this shitty picture will indicate:

Next, I lift the first stitch OVER the yarn and off the end of the needle, as this next shitty picture will hopefully show:

And then I do the same thing for the second stitch–witness next crap-assy picture:

And then I slide the stitch that is now on the left to the needle on the right…forget about the picture here, I’m sure you get the idea…

Anyway, it has the exact same effect as the whole “slip each stitch to the right needle then using the left needle knit both together through the back loop and put the stitch back on the right needle” thing as the ssk directions ask you to do–but it’s, like, hella easy compared to that…

So I was wondering if anyone else did it but me.

(And as for Princess Pea Green and the After Hours tea party…those are just to get you to forgive me for trying to knit on camera…)

0 thoughts on “Hey–does anyone else do this?”

  1. Rae says:

    Nope, it’s all SSK by the book for me. But I love your technique and will give it a try. And the “craptastic” pictures still do a great job of conveying what you’re trying to do. 😉

    Piss on the prickweenies.

  2. Bells says:

    i’m thinking you might be on your own there Amy – then again, you knit with your left hand and I knit with my right so it all looks backwards to me!

  3. roxie says:

    You know, if it works, then it’s good! When I knit stockinette continental style, I twist the purl stitches so I have to knit through the back loops anyway, and since they are already twisted, just knitting two together is all it takes to achieve a ssk. I like your approach to the problem. You creative genius!

    (My verification word is yamijak. Sounds like a cute name for a sandwich.)

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