A touch of rugrat…

on November 30, 2009

Okay– I’ve got some decent kid stories–the hard part is remembering them! Hmmm… Funniest first: We went to see Trans-Siberian-Orchestra last night–it was nine buckets of awesome and one bucket of “Dammit, does Arco Arena have to have THE must uncomfortable seats on the planet?” Stepmom bought tickets for Mate & me & the big… Read More

I am Eggplant

on November 28, 2009

Okay–it was great in a ‘strategy planned like a military general’ kind of way. We took two cars because we agreed to pick up and drop off Alexa (my biological mom) and if we had all gone in one car, it would have meant the kids would have been hauled around for more than 120… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

on November 25, 2009

Tomorrow I shall probably meditate on things to be grateful for–and it will last all day. (It’s easier to meditate on a full stomach–but I think I’d believe it anyway, just sitting on the couch w/kids on my lap.) Anyway, I am actually still sick (blargh) but the only thing really left of the flu… Read More

Last Random News Bite

on November 23, 2009

Good News: I pushed send for Rampant into the publishers today. Bad news: Area 51 was every bit as corny as I thought it would be.Good news: I don’t care. That’s all, folks!

Random News

on November 23, 2009

* Good news–Gave myself permission to be sick this weekend. That’s worked out well for me. * Bad news–Poor Mate. He’s on vacation too–and he REALLY wanted to go out to a movie last night. I really wanted to sit on the chair feeling wretched and knitting. I won. * Good news–We did get to… Read More

Meet The Beast…

on November 21, 2009

And the beast is me. Seriously. I’ve been a snarling, bitchy, horrible beast this last week… and it’s funny. I think I finally figured out what my problem is. Uhm… It’s November and I teach high school. O.M.G. Do I truly need any other reason? Okay… well, my small people are also tired and have… Read More

Avoiding the blog…

on November 19, 2009

No, not you guys, although it probably feels like that. (I’m sorry–I love reading everyone’s blogs, mostly I’ve just been busy!) And mostly it’s been my own blog I’m avoiding. I had some very cool, very funny stuff to blog about, like how my administrator requested I didn’t mention anatomical parts on my referrals (although… Read More

Self Esteem and Why I Need Another Job…

on November 17, 2009

First of all– MOTHERHOOD #WIN!!! Sam came to the party. Sam is Zoomboy’s bestest best friend in the whole world. Sam is fun. Sam and Zoomboy play. I honestly wouldn’t care if they leaned against the wall like potatoes–Sam made Zoomboy happy and all was right with my world! For a little while at least…. Read More


on November 15, 2009

So Mate and I are out of the little kid birthday game. When do you send out invitations again? One week before the party? Two? I thought one–I remember missing parties where the lead in was too long. Mate thought two–but he forgot to remind me two weeks before the party, and I’m the one… Read More


on November 12, 2009

Trust me. You don’t want to know. But I can tell you this. 1/2 a can of resolve and entire bottle of Febreze later, and we may be able to stay in the house w/out chuking into the crappy bathroom as a family. The cats think the dog is possessed by Satan. And we’ve got… Read More