Random News

* Good news–Gave myself permission to be sick this weekend. That’s worked out well for me.

* Bad news–Poor Mate. He’s on vacation too–and he REALLY wanted to go out to a movie last night. I really wanted to sit on the chair feeling wretched and knitting. I won.

* Good news–We did get to go grocery shopping together though. Go us!

* Good news–I finished the ‘Adrian’ short!

* More good news–I submitted it to that place that sent me the courtship letter.

* Bad news–this means it’s not going up on the website until they reject it. Sorry!

* Good news–I can send it to you if you ask REALLY REALLY nicely.

* Good news–Started the Promise Rock sequel!

* Bad news–May have to change the name of one of the leads of Keeping Promise Rock! My editor is being VERY VERY patient with me as I angst over this, but Dek and Deacon look too much alike on the page for the editing team’s peace of mind. What’s angsting me out (and you probably have this figured out already) is that they’re not just names, they’re PEOPLE, and swapping out the people is really disturbing.

* More bad news–the one name sub that I liked best was actually the name of a minor character. So I’m not swapping out one name, I’m swapping two. Or I’m naming Dek ‘Carrick’ and changing it to ‘Crick’ (the shortened nickname is really crucial. I don’t know. I sort of like the Crick thing. Sounds Cricked.

* Good news–we’ve been making steady progress on the Buffy front. Great show. Wish I’d watched it in its prime.

* Good news–I get to submit Rampant today!

* Bad news–I have to find my wallet in the mess!

* Good news–Zoom Boy has discovered crafting with construction paper!

* Bad news–see above. The kitchen looked like a Michael’s exploded.

* Good news–Ladybug is still cute.

* Bad news–She knows it. You should have heard her flirting with the dentist. “And I have two cats. Dennis Quaid and Gordie! I chase after them and hurt them–that’s bad. They scratch me when I do that. But they still love me. The dog loves me too. I love my cats. My mom tells me not to chase the cats but I still do. My brother gets mad when I chase the cats, and he won’t let me play with my toys…” Seriously–fifteen minutes of this with a complete stranger. I’m surprised they even got a chance to look at her teeth she talked so much! She talked more to that dentist in her fourth visit than the rest of my kids have talked to a health care professional in their entire lifetimes combined. I mean DAMN.

* Good news–In spite of her rather heinous overbite, the dentist has still not yelled at me about letting her suck her thumb well past the age of three. I guess cuteness really DOES rule the world!

* Good news–Zoom Boy has a loose tooth.

* More good news–he likes GETTING money but has yet to figure out he gets to spend it. It’s like giving ourselves a dollar!

* Even more good news–the dentist gave him his X-rays, loose tooth and all. Okay, it’s good news because *I* think they’re cool to look at.

* Good news–Mate has the day off.

* Good news–We’re going to go see ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ today. It’s not a date, but it is a movie. I hope Mate is pleased.

* Good news–Chicken had her soccer banquet yesterday. Parents vs. kids at the indoor soccer ring–apparently Mate kicked ass. (The theme of the day seemed to be putting the beat down on your own kid. Chicken felt appropriately abused.)

* Bad news–the soccer banquet did not (repeat: NOT) signal the actual END of soccer. She still has practice tonight. (!!!!) Apparently the fun carries on until December.

* Good news– Seven more days of vacation. *ah*

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    ahhhh indeed. I have a short week and then a nice long weekend. I think all weeks should only be 3 days (of course I want to get paid for working all 5).

    My dentist is chatty. We always spend 10 mins looking at the teeth and 20 mins catching up.

  2. Louiz says:

    I keep being thrown by the fact that in the US you have Thanksgiving as a holiday. We have nothing of the sort here and struggle onward grimly until Christmas…

    My daughter is chatty with everyone. Hopefully when we see the dentist in 2 or 3 weeks time she won't hassle us about her thumb sucking…

  3. DecRainK says:

    Wow the good way outdid the bad this time! Woohoo for you! 🙂

    Crick sounds like a frickin awesome name.

  4. roxie says:

    I gotta agree that Crick and Deacon works a lot better than Dek and Deacon. H'ray for the movie! H'ray for Zoom Boy and paper crafting! H'ray for allowing yourself to be sick for the weekend. Rest some more!!

    H'ray for mate the soccer king. Way to vanquish those young whippersnappers!

  5. Crick is a great sounding name.

    w00t for the holiday. I can hardly wait for mine to start.

  6. JJ says:

    I like the names Crick and Deacon also, I think it will be fine and you can't possibly get them mixed up!!

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