It’s not a block…

on December 30, 2007

Well, the wedding was beautiful yesterday–I’m not exactly a church person, but they had this lovely side-by-side interweaving of Sonnet 116 and that verse from Corinthians that EVERYONE reads during a wedding (Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is love…ringing bells?) and it was something only an English Major/minister’s daughter & son… Read More

I’m taking a chance…

on December 29, 2007

And trying to load more photos. I sort of had a brainfart today–it completely escaped my attention, in that floaty vacation way of catching up on sleep and slogging through a constantly trashed house–that today was my day to blog. At first I was all into that whole ‘blogging without obligation’ idea, and just blowing… Read More

It was gonna be a photo issue…

on December 26, 2007

But the damned thing would only let me upload one photo, so it’s gonna be a lotta fiber instead. First, a picture of Ladybug in her Paton’s self-striping yarn hat with a bright blue flower. Yes. I am the only person in North America who doesn’t think these colors are too loud. But that brings… Read More

If it ain’t broke…

on December 26, 2007

It ain’t ours. Do you all know the movie ‘Cars’, at the end of the first race, where Lightning McQueen had blown all four tires and just barely finished the race with his tongue? Or how the Millenium Falcon kept dropping shit off of it, until Han Solo just piloted that baby in for a… Read More

Well…the post itself isn’t gooey…

on December 23, 2007

But the cookie making was a sticky mess. My daughter informed me on Thursday that her best friend was coming over today to make cookies. Excellent–because on the day after finals, three days before Christmas, that’s what I’m gonna wanna do. Actually–it wasn’t bad. The old mixmaster was sort of doomed from the start–you don’t… Read More

Letters to Fictional People

on December 20, 2007

Has it really been three days since I posted? Where o’ where has the time gone? I’m still ass-deep in alligators…but I keep bashing the fuckers on the nose and they’re starting to chill out. It looks like I might be out of here at 3:00 tomorrow (our deadline!) after all–yaw-freakin’-hee!!!! I’m planning on a… Read More

A snarfed meme

on December 17, 2007

Oh bugger…I just accidentally published this when I wasn’t done…if anybody read it between that first nanosecond at 5:37 Tuesday night, and when it was accidentally published (I’d guess about 5:55) uhm… all those other answers were Netters–I hadn’t put in my own answers! Anyway, I’m up to my asshole in alligators…finals, knitting, and Christmas… Read More


on December 16, 2007

The Cave Troll didn’t think I gave him a good enough story in the last entry. About an hour after I hit ‘publish post’, Ladybug and the Cave Troll were doing predictable yet unmentionable things with the slinky Needletart sent us so long ago. Mate told him to stop, and then, because Cave Troll needs… Read More

PMS, Canned food, and doing the Monkey…

on December 16, 2007

I went to school today (Sunday) and sat in the 40 degree cold and graded papers, battling my resentment the entire time. But my students deserve some effort too, so I guess I’ll call it good. Other than that? I’ve got a whole bunch of little to chat about… where to start…where to start… *… Read More

The most stressful break EVER.

on December 14, 2007

In light of my “submitting Bitter Moon” triumph, and the incredible avalanche of crap that I have waiting on my desk, I decided to be a grown-up, and take a break from my pipe-dream for a week and a half. i.e. NO WRITING. Bitter Moon II is officially on hiatus. No writing on it. No… Read More