If it ain’t broke…

It ain’t ours.

Do you all know the movie ‘Cars’, at the end of the first race, where Lightning McQueen had blown all four tires and just barely finished the race with his tongue? Or how the Millenium Falcon kept dropping shit off of it, until Han Solo just piloted that baby in for a landing?

Yeah, Christmas was like that.

I didn’t really blog about it, because we were, well, DEALING with it, but as C-day was rapidly approaching, uhm, everything broke–the mixmaster was sort of a scratch on the surface. In addition we had Mate’s car, the sink, the bank account and my back–which was thrown out on Saturday (probably from hunching over my desk too much while my body just got bigger from stress eating).

We powered through–Mate spent most of Christmas Eve morning trying to fix the plumbing (it’s still a no-go) but eventually we just piled into the crap-mobile and went to my parents for Christmas Eve and then to my mom’s family for Christmas day, and the holidays were wonderful–the kids got everything they wanted (although even mom had to admit that Santa overdid T’s yearly dose of sweaters, socks and underwear. What can I say? IT WAS THE ONLY THING ON HIS LIST that he didn’t already get for his birthday!!!) And most excitingly, Santa got the family a Wii. I myself was surprised by this purchase (see some of those things that are broke) but what can I say? Santa lost his mind, and the kids were THRILLED. (And, let’s face it, the family Wii more than made up for the total lameness of T’s other gifts. It was somewhat vindicating.) My back was almost normal yesterday, and, well, Mate is taking the car in this morning. After I go to the store for milk and top ramen, which is all we’ll be able to eat until January 1st. The good news is, we got enough movie gift certificates for Christmas to ensure some fun between now and then, and our dvd collection (already pretty large) was increased by a goodly amount, so we have things to do while we’re huddling in the house, hoping the foundation doesn’t crack.

We did get some pictures, which was nice, and if I can load one pic, it’s going to be the one of Ladybug in the dress that mama gave her. I didn’t do this with Chicken–I would buy the pretty velveteen dress, and take pictures of her in it, but I wouldn’t put it on to wear. Then I met a friend who just let her kid wear the pretty velveteen dress all the freakin’ time. And it hit me–it’s sort of like a toy. I mean, the kid loves it, it makes her happy, why not let her play with it? Or spill crap on it and stuff? Anyway, blogger’s being slow and I’ve got to go buy food for the masses, but you WILL see my pretty pretty princess in her black velveteen dress with the petal pink skirt if I have to actually learn how to use my computer to get it to you!!! (And eventually, as Goddess is my witness, I will get to watch all of Howl’s Moving Castle with Chicken. It’s become her own moral imperative.)

Anyway, it’s funny–things are still broke, our bank account’s still dry, but my children are happy and so am I. Christmas–you can’t stop it, you might as well ride the wave.

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  1. Julie says:

    Amen, sister. Our Christmas was much the same. Fuck it. Let’s all hug and eat some cookies (made with ingredients left over from two Christmases ago).

    Glad it was happy.

  2. TinkingBell says:

    Oh yeah – the Chrissy joy and overloaded bank account!! Our kids had a great time, I ate too much and didn’t drink nearly enough (apart from the Moet on Boxing day – my SIL has no kids – she brought it with her) noone broke anything on either the bikes or the trampoline! Ain’t Chrissy great!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Howl’s Moving Castle has become one of my favorite movies after I took my daughter to see it in the theater. Now I own my own copy and when I want to feel good, I watch it. It’s right up there with The Women as my feel good movies. And I gotta say, 2008 has got to be a better year for the inanimate objects in our lives!

  4. I’m glad you had a good holiday! Ours was nice but ended with me in the ER. Effing gallbladder. We’ve got real food if you get tired of that top ramen. We could have a picnic in the park or something. Just let me know! 😉

  5. roxie says:

    It’s the innate animosity of the innanimate. When DH and I weregetting married, the day before our wedding (held in the back yard of the house we had moved into one month ago) with all his family staying with us, The major drain from the house to the sewer clogged up. Somehow, one copes. It got fixed. We had a nice wedding.

    So count this crash as a sacrifice to the fates and trust that 2008 will be splendid year! (Can I float you a small loan?)

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