The Curse of the Browser History

on December 31, 2018

Most writers will tell you that they’re afraid their browser history is going to end them up in prison someday–but it’s not just their browser history. It’s snippets of conversations they ask their friends, it’s things they say when they’re watching movies, it’s the way they think about characters in a book or on TV…. Read More

Christmas moments I’d forgotten…

on December 28, 2018

So, yes. It’s three days after Christmas, but it was a REALLY busy couple of days, and a few stories have come back to haunt me. Enjoy! *  The Christmas gift that keeps on giving Okay, so when Big T lived with us, socks were in scant supply. Mate, T, and myself all wore the… Read More

Amy’s Little Rules of Christmas

on December 27, 2018

*  She who plans to craft for Christmas inevitably ends up crafting for at least two weeks AFTER Christmas. *  She who buys gifts with a raging head cold will inevitably look at the inequitable piles wrapped for her children and think, “I could have SWORN we bought more than that for child X!” *… Read More

A Few Christmas Nuggets

on December 24, 2018

So this will probably be my last post for a few days–everybody’d too busy to read the blog anyway! But before you all hustle off to your own holidays, be sure to look at the last entry, where I talk about posting the extras for Beneath the Stain. Or just go HERE, where you can… Read More

Merry Mackey-mas, Happy Trav

on December 22, 2018

 So, in celebration of finishing the manuscript for Paint it Black,  I’m releasing the exclusive extras from the serial version of Beneath the Stain  on Prolific Works. You can claim your copy RIGHT HERE! Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Blessed Solstice, Belated Hanukah , and generally happy winter everybody. Also, give Kim Fielding a big shout out–she’s… Read More

And that’s when I snapped

on December 21, 2018

So, ZoomBoy has finals for three days. He gets out early. Squish had an early day today–she got out about 45 minutes after ZoomBoy. I got to ZoomBoy late–I had a teleconference. I had him walk to Carl’s Jr. When I picked him up, he asked for food. This is unusual. ZoomBoy’s ADHD medication ensures… Read More

It’s all in the eyeballs…

on December 19, 2018

So truthfully, this cold is kicking my ass. I had plans for what I was going to write on the blog this week and…oi. Had to be up super early this morning after getting to bed super late and coughing all night–again. This morning I took the car in to be serviced then Mate and… Read More

Oh hey! HomeBird is out!

on December 18, 2018

HomeBird by Amy Lane Crispin Henry isn’t an adventurer. He learned early on that the world is a frightening place and that home is rare and precious. If his friends didn’t drag him to sports games and ill-advised trips to Vegas, he wouldn’t get out at all—and his trip to Munich for Oktoberfest is no… Read More

And a headache and two ibuprofen…

on December 17, 2018

Eight days before Christmas, my weekend did to me… 12 Folks at T-s B-day party 11 hours coughing 10 different stores a-shopping 9 miles looking at lights 8 revisits to the list 7 fresh work deadlines 6 more things I need to craft 5 KIDS TO SHOP FOR 4 Posts for a blog tour 3… Read More

From James Dean to Urkel

on December 14, 2018

So, Squish and I were going to pick up ZoomBoy. We saw him at the intersection, leaning against a fence, waiting for the walk signal. “Doesn’t he look cool?” I asked– that is not ZB’s default. “Yeah,” Squish said thoughtfully. “Ankles crossed, hands in pocket, eyes closed. Looks like a movie star.” Then the light… Read More