And a headache and two ibuprofen…

Eight days before Christmas, my weekend did to me…

12 Folks at T-s B-day party

11 hours coughing

10 different stores a-shopping

9 miles looking at lights

8 revisits to the list

7 fresh work deadlines

6 more things I need to craft


4 Posts for a blog tour

3 major edits

(also) 3 dogs who need a walk

And a trip to see Spiderman for Mate…

I hope this next week is head cold free, the dogs get walks, I get my deadlines done, and the kids survive school–because it looks like my favorite Christmas present is going to be some blessed, blessed sleep.


And for folks who saw this on Amazon, I FINISHED THE BOOK!

I was so relieved to have that done I didn’t even know where to put it in the song.

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  1. Unknown says:

    The two most beloved words an author can type – "The End" After which, mad insanity-fueled debauchery should ensue.

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