Removing the Mask–A SuperBat fanfic

on October 29, 2019

Hey all–thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I actually have to deep dive an edit tomorrow, but tonight? It’s all about fiction. And just for fiction, I’m jumping on the SuperBat train. Are you ready boys? Cause I’m home. * * Again. Halloween approached again–what was it now, three years? And Bruce slept… Read More

Sorry about that…

on October 28, 2019

So, usually when I get home from a long trip–particularly one that was sort of exhausting. I have a couple of days of downtime and recovery and, you know, lots of long naps. Not so much this time. The kids had a performance on Wednesday–at a nursing home, so that was really very sweet (those… Read More


on October 23, 2019

I know–I write a post with this title about six times a year. Still– as dusty and decrepit as it is, this home is mine, and I’m comfortable here. Anyway– *phew* That was some trip! I was sort of busy pimping  Fish on a Bicycle before I left, so I know I didn’t give details!… Read More

Fish on a Bicycle–Available Now!

on October 15, 2019

 Guys–GUESS WHAT’S OUT???? Fish on a Bicycle  by Amy Lane Fish Out of Water: Book Five Jackson Rivers has always bucked the rules—and bucking the rules of recovery is no exception. Now that he and Ellery are starting their own law firm, there’s no reason he can’t rush into trouble and take the same risks… Read More

The brain cloud captain–she has frozen!

on October 14, 2019

So, on Wednesday I leave for a two destination trip–and I have to admit, it’s got me sort of… uhm… wobbly. See, this weekend was a soccer tournament. A very long, very sad soccer tournament. Squish’s team lost all four games in two days, Mate’s boy’s team (younger, with shorter games) lost all four of… Read More

And Then the Fork Ran Away With the Spoon

on October 11, 2019

Never underestimate the power of a foul autumn wind. Of course here in California, where half the state burned down last year close to this time, we are very aware of what a wind can do. But I’ve got other stories–there was the time school’s opening had been delayed by construction, and the advent of… Read More

Habit Forming –Jai/George Part 9

on October 9, 2019

Hey all– so much promotion and shit to do, but I’m trying to get it done before I start my next project, and I’m dying to write a little fiction tonight. HelLO Jai and George! Now, for those of you who remember the timeline (and I often don’t) Jai and George meet in the spring–I… Read More

The Namaste Lady, Redux

on October 8, 2019

Does everybody remember the Namaste lady? The lady I delighted by explaining what it would mean if our Traitor in Chief were rotting with syphilis from the inside out? I made her truly happy, I think–she said it was the happiest she’d been in three years, thinking about his flesh rotting from his bones in… Read More

But Officer…

on October 3, 2019

“Now ma’am, try explaining it one more time.” “Well, let’s see– it was just such a busy day. I was running around, getting the car looked at, getting batteries for the remotes, shopping, picking up kids…” “Now you say you were shopping?” “Yes sir–it’s been a while. I mean, we had frozen food, but sometimes… Read More

Real Life and Birthdays

on October 2, 2019

Sometimes Birthdays are everything they’re supposed to be–cake, ice cream, parties, a big to-do and a week where you can eat everything you want and not gain weight. And sometimes birthdays are mired in the same sad, struggling everyday shit that threatens to get the best of us most days of the year–tricky finances, fender… Read More