Sorry about that…

So, usually when I get home from a long trip–particularly one that was sort of exhausting. I have a couple of days of downtime and recovery and, you know, lots of long naps.

Not so much this time.

The kids had a performance on Wednesday–at a nursing home, so that was really very sweet (those are the pictures behind the fake ferns)–and there was car shopping for Mate and grocery shopping Thursday, Friday was a cluster of grooming, errands, and exhaustion, and Saturday was a combination of soccer, birthday parties, and the Homecoming Dance.

And somewhere in there, I developed a ginormous headache that still persists, and basically called it quits.

Mate picked up some of the slack–he did the birthday parties and one leg of the Homecoming dance, but at one point my friend Berry Jello was like, “Hey, let’s do a haunted house!”

And I was like, “No.”

“No, seriously, it’s super quick.”

“No. Just… no.”

And I just couldn’t. I was working on an edit and I stetted. A LOT. Because… just no.

It’s funny, how sometimes you think you have no options to take care of yourself, but you find yourself going, “Uhm, giving up now. Self-care is the thing.”

So anyway–after walking the dogs and picking Big T up and trying for a nap in spite of the headache, I spent much of today staring blankly at the television, knitting.

I may be human tomorrow.


And my big hope tonight is to write. One edit is done, another one is pending, but tonight, I just need to write.

So sorry about the absence–it’s been something of a week.  But I should be back online tomorrow, just in time for Halloween, and, three days later, Disney with the family. (Because who needs to keep their kids in school, right?)


May you too have the freedom sometimes to just say no.

I know it did me a world of good this weekend, and a little peace is a great thing.

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