Super Quick Things

on February 28, 2017

 *waves madly* Sorry about spacing last night– I was finishing a presentation, and once it was done, I realized, “Hey! I’ve tweaked my neck and I can’t sit at the computer anymore!” But presentation done, and now it’s on to pack– I’m going to Florida for DSP Weekend (the publisher’s conference we all look forward… Read More

We did something!

on February 27, 2017

He’s “blupping”. Still not stalking you… forever and ever and ever… *Note– I tweeted some of these pictures and events. I went back and copied some of the tweets as captions, cause, uh, it’s late, and I’m not that funny even when I’m NOT tired! So, one of my biggest fears of having the kids… Read More

And the moral of the story is…

on February 23, 2017

Okay, so when Mate gets home we all duck. He’s not a horrible person–I swear! But he will walk in and we’ll all be settled into something peaceful, and suddenly it’s, “Did we get this? What’s for dinner? Why is there a Cheez-Its box on the couch? Why can’t we put stuff away?” This flurry… Read More


on February 23, 2017

So, when Chicken and I were signing the wads of paperwork for her car, I was appalled to see she had her father’s exact signature. I mean, I knew they thought alike, but this was scary!  Anyway, I started talking about signing things, and how if you’re going to be signing a bunch of stuff… Read More


on February 22, 2017

So, back when Mate and I were working at Fridays, shoes were a problem. See, the only shoes we could afford were the ones from Target, with the plastic soles and the vinyl instep–they lasted about two months, but the next quality level up was WAY more than we could afford. Mate worked the kitchen… Read More


on February 21, 2017

Mate and I are good analyzers.  If something happens politically, we analyze the cause. If we have a disagreement about movies, we analyze our likes and dislikes to decide exactly what it was that turned one of us off and the other one on. When I was in teacher school, Analyzation was a big deal…. Read More

Shaking off the crud…

on February 20, 2017

So, shaking off the crud mostly– still tired, but at least not feeling consistently crappy.  This is a good thing, because now Mate has it, and I want him to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Before I turn the light off to go to bed! Anyway– Some fun stuff this weekend,… Read More

Overheard in my house…

on February 17, 2017

Okay– so sorry about missing last night. Mate was getting back from Portland, and, well, yes I blew off the blog to celebrate his arrival. But other than that, a few odd things have been said around here that I thought I’d share: *  After seeing a cartoon on the GIF controversy  here at THE… Read More

And That Happened…

on February 15, 2017

My fever is back just a little, because I went swimming again, but that’s not why swimming was a mistake. No, no–see, this was the first time I’d gone in about 2 1/2 weeks, almost 3. I was SO HAPPY to be at the water again.  I got there late because hey, it’s me, and… Read More

Goodbye Cruel World…

on February 14, 2017

A moment of silence for Chicken’s 2001 Chevy Impala, everybody. She’s dead, Jim.  Got a call from Chicken, right as I wrapped up my morning walk–the car had simply ceased to operate. There was the sound of rocks, and car no-go. I went to pick her up form a less-than-savory stretch of Manzanita Blvd, where… Read More