Super Quick Things

 *waves madly*

Sorry about spacing last night– I was finishing a presentation, and once it was done, I realized, “Hey! I’ve tweaked my neck and I can’t sit at the computer anymore!”

But presentation done, and now it’s on to pack– I’m going to Florida for DSP Weekend (the publisher’s conference we all look forward too every year 🙂 and I’m PHEW… sort of behind.

Anyway– I have TWO audiobooks out in the span of a week, and yes, I’ll remind you on Kermit Flail but I thought I’d mention them now!  

The first is Virgin Manny, and it’s a new narrator but I love him VERY much!

The second is Winter Ball and I THINK the reason this took so long to be released is that Nick J. Russo did the narration– and he’s one of my FAVORITE narrators and very much in demand.

So I”m excited about this–and I hope you are too!

Also–and I’ll be announcing this during Kermit Flail, but I’ve done an interview with the AMAZING Damon Suede for his new book, Lickety SplitIt should be up on March 13th or so.  I don’t do reviews much anymore, BUT I HAVE read this book. And loved it. So very very very much. So that love inspired the interview questions–and I hope you’ll join me here when that goes up!

And that’s about it– gotta go run and pack!  We’re driving up to San Francisco so Mate can drop me off at a crappy hotel. From there, the inestimable Ms. Juliane Bentley and myself will shuttle to the airport at 5 a.m., and then to Florida!

I’m so excited–I see so many friends there!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Safe Journeys!!! Come home soon!

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