Should old acquaintance be forgot…

on December 31, 2010

Naw. Not a chance. Mate did something HUGE last night and cleaned the garage–and now it’s cleaner than anywhere else in the house, which is pretty damned cool. He had help–Big T mostly, with some help from Chicken, and I ran errands, taking donated stuff (like crap yarn to the retirement home and clothes to… Read More

Not too much to report

on December 29, 2010

It is very possibly the perfect balance of Christmas vacation–there’s not really TOO much to do, so everyone is enjoying the peace. Chicken stayed at a friends last night, and Big T got to watch an ‘art movie. (The Serious Man– uhm, it was an incredibly darkly comic bit, about a man with the most… Read More

Human Vegetation Day

on December 27, 2010

Was officially yesterday. It’s sort of a tradition with us. The day after Christmas is Human Vegetation Day– and I sort of loves it. The photo above, while not a true depiction of Human Vegetation Day (because once we clean the house this morning all evidence will have been removed, and we like to keep… Read More


on December 25, 2010

Chris from gave me this term– it stands for generic winter festival gifts with food (or something close) and she pronounces it gwif-gwif. I like the term (even though she snagged it from someone else, she’s the one who gave it to me, so, well, that’s what I’m remembering. Anyway–Happy gwif-gwif. This week I… Read More

Shhhh… we’re all sleeping…

on December 23, 2010

Actually, gonna be baking some more, but not yet. Chicken baked yesterday, and, true to form, we ate most of the cookies. We’re gonna need some more cookies to give away on Saturday–just no two ways about it. I was doing really well with the Christmas excesses until yesterday, when I made up for it… Read More

Not Dead, just Christmasing!

on December 21, 2010

Okay–it’s not a word. It should be. “Christmasing” should encompass everything from baking to visiting people you usually call and calling people you usually e-mail, and shopping and wrapping and getting all dewey-eyed with your spouse, and having the folks take the kids so you can shop AND wrap AND get all dewey-eyed AND plan… Read More

Other People’s Efforts.

on December 17, 2010

Okay, a couple of long posts, and, well, I’m gonna coast– but in a good way. First thing– the cover. Yeah– let’s talk about that. This is the cover of an anthology written for fellow writer, Patric Michael. Patric had cancer, and although he seems to be in recovery, for a while there, it was… Read More

Big T

on December 14, 2010

OKay. Let’s go back a while. The last time Mate and I were organized–TRULY organized–was on December 10th, 1992. We sat down on the couch and without computer or fanfare, we filled out and addressed two sets of cards, by hand. One was our Christmas card, and the other was a birth announcement. We knew… Read More

Holly Ridge

on December 13, 2010

On Tuesday, I shall do a post for Big T, because he is eighteen today, and, well… I’m overwhelmed, and don’t have my thoughts in order, so I’m going to do something a little less maudlin (cause you know where that’s going) and a little less sappy, and I”m going to entertain you with… Going… Read More

Stuff in the Floating Pool Cleaning Net

on December 11, 2010

Okay, first things first. Anybody remember those Sunday morning paper activities, where you had to look at two different pictures and find the seven things different? Well, I’m not gonna make you do that, but it’s sort of what I had to do when I helped pick the cover we went with. The basic image… Read More