Shhhh… we’re all sleeping…

Actually, gonna be baking some more, but not yet. Chicken baked yesterday, and, true to form, we ate most of the cookies. We’re gonna need some more cookies to give away on Saturday–just no two ways about it.

I was doing really well with the Christmas excesses until yesterday, when I made up for it all with, well, Chicken’s snickerdoodles. Uhm… I think I’ll just go with absolute denial today. That and some food shopping.

And really, that’s all I’ve got. The whole world has gone deliciously calm. I sat down and knit and watched a movie last night…not exciting, I know, but my family watched it with me, and I was, well, happy. It was all Merry AND Bright, and I liked it.

Anyway, I’m sure it won’t last, and I’ll have some more to chat about–I’m currently working on Marcus and Phillip, and liking them. Worried about how it will sell because it incorporates so very much backstory, but mostly, just, liking them. They’re sort of raw, and Phillip is so deliciously submissive in bed, when he’s such an asshole out of it… me likey. But… poor Marcus. You’ll love him, I hope.

And I will leave you (yes–this post IS that short!) with the following snippet of holiday weirdness:

Squish (fondling a square, squishy package): Zoomboy! Did you get me a pillow pet?

Zoomboy: How did you guess!!

Squish: It’s the same thing we got you!!!

And then there was:

Me: Zoomboy, why aren’t you decorating the gingerbread house? For the last week, that’s all you talked about was making the gingerbread house, shouldn’t you be helping your brother with it?

Zoomboy: My arms were tired.

Me: Uhm…

Zoomboy: And I like this show.

Me: Uhm…

Zoomboy: I’ll have some cookies when they’re done.

Me: Okay then!

And there was also:

Zoomboy: Is today the twenty-second?

Me: Yep.

Zoomboy: Then it’s the second day of winter!

Me: Yep!

Zoomboy: And tomorrow will be the twenty-third!

Me: Yep!

Zoomboy: That’s good. Twenty-three is a good number.

Me: Uhm…okay. (Apparently the twenty-fourth and the twenty-fifth are not as good as the twenty-third. Given that it’s December, I’m a little nonplused.)

And, well, there is cuteness. And, right now? Supernatural reruns for me… and sleeping.

0 thoughts on “Shhhh… we’re all sleeping…”

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe he likes the primeness of the 23rd. 🙂

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Tell him it's Christmas Adam!

    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful and wonderfully crazy family from me and mine.

  3. Galad says:

    Enjoy the cookies, family time and cuteness. A very Merry Christmas to you and whole clan!

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