Fan Fic Friday– Nightmares (SuperBat)

on October 31, 2015

*waves*  So, I’ll probably post Halloween pictures tomorrow night to make up for my final disgust with my computer last night. I just couldn’t do it–every change of URL was a struggle, and deciding which windows to close to keep my computer from freezing was like playing Fuck/Marry/Kill with my Internet browser. (Fuck GoodReads, Marry… Read More


on October 29, 2015

*  At the beginning of school, I gave Squish’s class a bunch of my old swag pens– the purple ones that had the little plot bunnies on them. Squish reports that she is tickled when she realizes the entire class is using mom’s Angst & Pain pens. She also reports that the entire class is… Read More

Welcome to my Cave

on October 28, 2015

Do you like it? I’ve got blankets–comfy chairs, a mini fridge. Chocolate, ice water, cranberry juice, root beer. Jerky for protein. There are dogs to lick feet and cats somewhere when the dogs are sleeping. There is NO CRAZY. None. Just me, huggled in here with my computer. I don’t have to go for takeout… Read More

It’s not that I expect…

on October 27, 2015

People to worship my gods… but a little respect would be nice. * * * My parents are taking the kids to Plymouth for Halloween, and, as expected, this week leading up to the big day has been full of putting together costumes.  This evening, my stepmom called, and we had the following conversation. Stepmom:… Read More

Go Warrior Hamster Go!

on October 26, 2015

Chicken gave me a Warrior Hamster .gif andI will treasure it ALWAYS. So, you all may have noticed a little holiday coming up next Saturday… what is that? Hallow’s Eve? Samhain? Halloween? Okay– let’s face it. It’s the time we stock chocolate in our cupboard “For the kids” that we then eat in massive quantities… Read More

Everything We Learned in School Is Bullshit

on October 24, 2015

Okay– first I’ll clarify the statement I made on Twitter– The other day, when I thought the apocalypse was starting as I sat on the toilet, apparently what was really happening was that the local SWAT Team was serving an eviction notice, and issuing condemned building notices to be taped in the windows.  Apparently that… Read More

The Perils of Bureaucracy and the Wisdom of Apocalypse Boy

on October 23, 2015

So, like many of my fellow authors, I submitted to the RITA’s today– the hardest part is preparing myself for the fact that there are so many wonderful authors that my previous nomination was probably a fluke. That’s okay– I have so much love and respect for my fellows, that I think if anyone I… Read More

Honey, I’m home…

on October 21, 2015

Okay– so, today is my first REAL day home– real as in I sort of accept that I’m alive in the world and I must drive things, be a player in my own life. It apparently also means that life gets weird. But I’ll get to that later. First off, the following: *  We’re watching… Read More

Things to Remember on a Road Trip

on October 21, 2015

* Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. * Posting Twitter updates whenever somebody says something absurd actually makes things go faster. *  The person who sits in back usually is okay zoning out and wishing for teleportation to be invented. * The person who drives through LA traffic is allowed to have… Read More

FanFic Sunday?– Interlude

on October 19, 2015

Okay folks– has been a LOOOONGGG GRL, but I enjoyed myself very much. Had dinner tonight with Ethan Day, and spent the afternoon visiting with Chicken, surviving San Diego traffic, and visiting her cat. Huzzah! But I miss writing and I miss home and since my eyelids are drooping, I’m going to pitch a little… Read More