Thank you

on October 18, 2015

Thank you for reading, Thank you for caring, Thank you for coming to talk And for sharing. Thank you for loving And laughing And traveling And packing And flying/riding/train-ing/trying To come to new places And joyfully crying. Thank you for meeting me, For greeting me, For hugging me And GETTING me. For looking through my… Read More

Go Chicken, Go!

on October 16, 2015

* Chicken started volunteering at GRL. At this point, everybody I have met knows the following things about my daughter:   A.  She’s stunningly beautiful. B. She’s old enough to be here. C. She would love to talk books. D. She’s as bad at paperwork as I am. E. Mom couldn’t be happier or prouder… Read More

Getting Lost

on October 15, 2015

Well, I made it to the airport in time to pick up Mary Calmes and Jaime Samms… But it took us an hour to get back. I don’t know… something about the freeways here, and the way this featureless road winds between mountains we’re moving too fast to examine… I can’t really put my finger… Read More

Moments from packing…

on October 13, 2015

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego, but, Goddess bless it, not alone, and I am thrilled! I am swinging through Davis to get the awesome and snarky Mr. Chris Koehler, and then we’re heading for Turlock to get the lovely and outrageously fun Ms. Kim Fielding. Together, we shall road trip it down to San… Read More

.. or Was it Left? (The rest of yesterday’s fic)

on October 11, 2015

And we start with our intrepid heroes right before poor John gets put in the hospital, shall we? * * *  John thought that, if she hadn’t ripped Carter’s heart out, he might actually have liked Allison, Carter’s ex. Or at least she would have been his type. “I’m sorry, Carter,” she said acerbically, “you… Read More

And Then the Wolf Zigged Right

on October 10, 2015

 Okay guys– I was hoping I’d finish this installment tonight, but it’s been something of a day, on the tail end of something of a week. I’m going to hit you with my best shot and hope for the best, okay?  (Turns out my best shot was not much. Sorry!  Maybe I’ll add more to… Read More

Yeah, yeah– still here!

on October 9, 2015

So, thank you to everybody yesterday who chimed in, both with suggestions and commiserations.  I guess it’s a mark of how concerned I really am that I was actually the first one to contact authorities–and now we’ll just have to wait and see.  Mate and I have a plan–to be implemented after GRL– and have… Read More

South Fast

on October 8, 2015

So, it all started about a month ago. The house to our left has been vacant for a while, but it was bought by a real estate company and they’ve been trying to flip it.  Unsuccessfully I might add–because our entire neighborhood has let our yards die in the drought, and our block looks like… Read More

General Weirdness

on October 7, 2015

*sigh*  You know that feeling that someone is never going to get you and yours? Ever. Like when I got into the hot tub at the health club with the woman who said, “Oh, no– my whole family was so glad when the kids outgrew animated movies. I never have to see another Pixar picture… Read More

*Kermit Flail* October, Pre-GRL style!

on October 5, 2015

*gasps for breath* Holy COW! Did you all see that? That was SEPTEMBER! It went at the speed of light– we’ll never catch it now!   *wheezes to a halt* Well, here we are in October, and it’s right before GRL in San Diego, and dudes… going so fast. And I”m getting SO excited! So… Read More