Yeah, yeah– still here!

So, thank you to everybody yesterday who chimed in, both with suggestions and commiserations.  I guess it’s a mark of how concerned I really am that I was actually the first one to contact authorities–and now we’ll just have to wait and see.  Mate and I have a plan–to be implemented after GRL– and have some discussion under our belts, and sometimes just having a plan of action and a course of, “If this, then this,” is all you need for some peace of mind.

In the meantime, preparations for GRL continue apace–and the kids…

OKay– so I’m leaving Mate at home with them for an entire week, and something occurred to him.

“Hey, I’m going to need a schedule for when to pick them up, right?”

And oh my god YES because the kids have just… I mean, we do soccer and dance already, but now add GATE, Choir, and chess club to the mix and…

We need an honest to God schedule.

Squish was asking me, “Mom, do you ever think about alternate universes?”

“Yes, all the time, why?”

“Because, I like to think about a universe in which I take karate instead of soccer. Or sometimes a universe in which I take nothing at all and just sit home and do nothing everyday.”

“You think that sounds like fun?”

“For a while, yes. But I think I’d get bored.”

Well, she had GATE last night, and then dance, and then we saw The Princess Bride in the theaters, and then she woke up early to go to choir, and this afternoon, picking her up got drawn out because it was ZB’s first day of chess club.

Tonight, after soccer, she cried for about fifteen minutes, not sure why she was crying.

And then went to bed a half an hour early.

Because that’s why we dream about the alternate universe where video games are the most action we get all day and the rest of the world is made of sleep.  That’s not the world we live in, and we miss it.

So, on that note, and with a trip to Folsom Octoberfest looming in my Friday night future, I think it’s time for me to go to bed.

But I’ve got six more things to do first….

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  1. Unknown says:

    I can't even imagine all that you do and still have time to write such amazing stories. You have brightened my life since I read that first book of yours. Have a wonderful week at GRL, I will be back on Facebook watching form the sidelines.

  2. Unknown says:

    All I got…..smiles and gentle hugs all around for everyone, no exceptions. Prayers on the altar for that other mess. Can't wait to see you again!

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