Getting Lost

Well, I made it to the airport in time to pick up Mary Calmes and Jaime Samms…

But it took us an hour to get back.

I don’t know… something about the freeways here, and the way this featureless road winds between mountains we’re moving too fast to examine… I can’t really put my finger on why San Diego is so hard for me to parse in terms of places.  I mean, directions aren’t my strong point, and they probably never will be, but I’ve figured out parts of Burlingame by now, and I’ve been there a couple of times, each time a year apart. AFter all the time I’ve spent in San Diego there’s got to be SOME reason I can’t spot the landmarks.

But besides that, I’m having a wonderful time.

Saw Chicken tonight when we went out to dinner, and she’s… beautiful, confident, and, hopefully, happy. She’s taking her 17 lb. cat to the vet tomorrow because Valkyrie takes the sport of vomiting very seriously and Chicken is afraid she’s harmed herself.

I think that cat is too mean to kill, myself. But Chicken loves her desperately, and I”m just enjoying watching her and her cat.

We set up our swag on the swag tables tonight– which is exciting because everybody has so much fun stuff! Mr. Andrew Grey was sweet enough to let me use his table, since he didn’t have anything up there, and at first I was going to say no… then it turned out I had enough stuff to put up there, and I was like, “Uh… that’s embarrassing. I’m a swag pig!”

I put on my presentation about setting this morning– and I was proud. I think I used the slides just enough, and for the right reasons, and but I didn’t rely on them.  However people kept asking me, “Oh, how was that?”

I was like, “I don’t know– there wasn’t a test at the end!”

I think people were engaged and walked away with something important, and this makes me happy– if I don’t post my materials for the presentation by next week, somebody poke me and let me know. I’ve gotten some lovely positive feedback on the character materials I have there from the last time I do this–and, yanno, since there IS no test at the end, I think the feedback will have to do!

And mostly it’s been a lovely full day–I’ve received an amazing scarf from Ms. Rhae, and a gift for Zoomboy, as well as a plot bunny from Lissa Kassey for Squish.

The sexed-out stuffed turtle I got from Ms. Brandi Godbehere is all mine 😉

And with that, I’m going to go clean up and go to bed. I think I was trying to recover from the drive yesterday all day today, and tomorrow is going to be bigger!

Night all!

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