*Kermit Flail* October, Pre-GRL style!

*gasps for breath*

Holy COW! Did you all see that? That was SEPTEMBER! It went at the speed of light– we’ll never catch it now!  

*wheezes to a halt*

Well, here we are in October, and it’s right before GRL in San Diego, and dudes… going so fast. And I”m getting SO excited!

So here we have a bunch of BRAND NEW AUTHORS that I’m happy to see into the fray–Antonia Aquilante, Lissa Kassey,  Ki Brightly and R.J. Jones– as well as some authors that I’ve met both personally and on line!  Can we say hello to the funny and brilliant Cat Grant, who has an unexpected release this month?  How about Andrew Q. Gordon, who is one of the nicest–and the brightest–men I’ve ever met! As well as Anna Martin– sweet as pie and lovely in person; Devon Rhodes–stunning and brilliant and with the world’s most amazing smile; Talia Carmichael, the infinitely kind and kinda shy; August Li, KING of the the beautiful cover art, the wicked snark, and the amazing world building, and, pulling up the rear (they don’t even have buy links yet) my beloveds, Cherie Noel and Rhae Camdyn, do staunch allies and lovely people who have been working together on a soooooper sekrit novel that they only just now revealed.



by Andrew Q. Gordon

Forty years ago the Spirit of Vengeance—a Purpose—took William Morgan as its host, demanding he avenge the innocent by killing the guilty. Since then Will has retreated behind Gar, a façade he uses to avoid dealing with what he’s become. Cold, impassive, and devoid of emotion, Gar goes about his life alone—until his tidy, orderly world is upended when he meets Ryan, a broken young man cast out by his family. Spurred to action for reasons he can’t understand, Gar saves Ryan from death and finds himself confronted by his humanity.

Spending time with Ryan helps Will claw out from under Gar’s shadow. He recognizes Ryan is the key to his reclaiming his humanity and facing his past. As Will struggles to control the Purpose, Ryan challenges him to rethink everything he knew about himself and the spirit that possesses him. In the process, he pushes Will to do something he hasn’t done in decades: care.

The Prince’s Consort
by Antonia Aquilante

Legends tell of large cats defending the principality of Tournai, but such creatures have been lost to time.

Or have they?
Prince Philip inherited the throne at a young age, and since then, his life has centered around ruling his country and resisting those pressuring him to take a wife and conceive an heir—forcing him to hide his attraction to men. When kind-hearted Amory is offered to the prince in exchange for more time for Amory’s father to complete a commission, both Philip and Amory are horrified. But Philip agrees to keep Amory at the palace, where they gradually become friends, then lovers. For the first time in his life, Philip is free to share not only his heart, but the magical shape-shifting ability that runs in the royal bloodline.

Neither Amory nor Philip imagined falling in love, and they certainly don’t expect the lengths those who oppose their relationship will go to keep them apart—maybe even resorting to murder.

Storming Love: Wild Fire
Jade & Conrad
by Talia Carmichael

Life brings an unexpected complication to a man who was only seeking some relaxation, yet what he found was a man who would light his soul on fire…
Jade Blakstone wanted some time away from his hectic schedule and took a trip to get away. He never expected to find a man who would strike all the right notes within him. Together they burn hot and fast, making Jade wonder if there is more between them than just a passing dalliance. But as hot as they burn for each other, so do the wild fires that have broken out. Conrad is a firefighter and Jade fears that they will be over before they begin when he goes to fight the fires raging in Northern California.
From their very first meeting, Conrad Kendrick knew Jade was something special. Now he just had to convince Jade that although they have chemistry, there was something that was even sweeter—the connection of two souls who have found

Evolution: Genesis
by Lissa Kassey

Evolution made music history when one bandmate turned vampire and another joined the vampire hate movement Preservation Group. Gene is trying to cling to the music as his relationship with Kerstrande begins to spiral into the darkness of hidden demons. Jaded by his years as a vampire flunkie, Kerstrande uses his newly won power over New York City to destroy his enemies and protect Gene. But a demon called a Fallen begins to take control of KC, slowly devouring his soul and through him the entire city. Battling against the evil that wants to destroy him, Kerstrande fights to hold onto Gene’s brightness.
A power unlike any other grows within Gene and shines like a beacon to the demons surrounding him. Realizing that only he can save his lover, Gene is willing to do anything to shake the darkness loose. Even if it means reshaping the future, the band, and his own existence.

The Shape of Honey
by Ki Brightley 

Yulian Volkov is an entrepreneur and lone werewolf who hates the city. At a pack meeting, he learns the only member he’s attracted to is being expelled for crimes unspecified. Yulian strikes a deal with the pack leader to allow Rolly Witten to live on his farm and work in his Meadery. Although enjoying handsome Rolly’s company, Yulian must tread carefully, since Rolly doesn’t trust him and the pack doesn’t acknowledge homosexuality exists. Meanwhile, Yulian stealthily courts Rolly by teaching him the value of his wolf side.
Rolly, who’s known he was gay since he was a teen, has accepted a life of solitude—and a life of crime. He has no desire to relocate. Yet Yulian’s trust in his ability to do honest work builds his confidence. As life is settling well for them, Rolly learns a friend from his old pack had a crush on him, and he’s torn between returning his friend’s feelings or pursuing the budding relationship with Yulian. But that’s not their worst problem. Assassins are trying to take out both wolves, and they need to figure out who wants them dead or all the trust and happiness they’re building together won’t matter.

Cairn and Covenant

By August Li

An assassin’s unexpected mercy granted Octavian Rose his life and freed him from his father’s control, but it left him with little more than the clothes on his back and the determination not to waste his chance at a life of his choosing.
As Octavian sets out to make a name for himself, he refuses to compromise his ideals for money or status—a decision tested as he works his way up the ranks as a mercenary fighter and novice mage. Along the way he forges friendships, takes lovers, and makes bitter enemies, all while striving for the power he feels he deserves and can wield fairly.
With the advent of the Blessed Epoch and the discovery of new cultures, the world is changing. Octavian’s decisions will affect not only those closest to him but will have profound worldwide consequences that he cannot begin to imagine. For twenty years, Octavian does what he must, and his choices bring him brilliant victories alongside crushing losses. Time and again, he must choose between what is right for all and what is beneficial to him, while hoping for the wisdom to tell the difference.
FREE Short—A Lesson and a Favor
Eight years before meeting Yarrow and Duncan in Ash and Echoes, the man now known as Sasha lived and breathed for a single purpose: to kill for gold and the glory of his cult and dark god without emotion or hesitation. In this lost tale of Sasha’s early career, he’s dispatched on a difficult mission—one with a surprise in store for him.
FREE Short—Archer’s Regret 
Sylvain Damasca has seen and done it all since walking away from his wealthy family and the promise of a future title. He’s had more men, money, and adventure than he can count—including a part in the founding of Rosecairn—but he’s restless, and no amount of gold, wine, or casual companionship can scratch his itch. It might be time to deal with the one thing he left unfinished, if he can find the courage to face the only man who ever got underneath his skin.

The One That I Want
By R.J. Jones
Jason escapes into the magic of a
Broadway play every weekend. Musicals always have a happy ending and for a few
hours he can believe there’s a happy ending waiting for him, too. When the tall
drink of water who works on the top floor of Jason’s building, wants to take
him on a date, Jason is surprised. After all, Jason is awkward and skinny, and
sees himself as a boring accountant, while Paul is tall, dark, and incredibly
Despite Jason’s reservations, Paul
and Jason start dating and attending the shows Jason adores. But if Paul likes
musicals as much as Jason, why does he always doze off? Is Paul leading a
double life? Does he have a wife tucked away somewhere?

Jason knows Paul is hiding
something and when the secrets come out, Jason finds his fantasy comes to life,
right there on the stage.

Hopelessly Devoted
by R.J. Jones
year on from Paul’s proposal, Jason is living a life he never dreamed of. As he
fusses with his tie and readies to walk down the aisle, he reminisces about the
previous twelve months. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the happy couple in
the lead up to their wedding, with obstacles big and small thrown in their way.
one of New York’s most eligible bachelors has Jason’s stomach in knots.
Expectations of their society wedding are high, but out of love for Paul, Jason
goes along with the grand plans because he understands Paul’s family has a
reputation to maintain. But Paul has a surprise up his sleeve that just may see
Jason getting the wedding of his dreams.

Jason on his journey as he prepares to marry one of the most eligible bachelors
in New York and find out just how Dave got his name.

Rites of Passage
by Cat Grant

Adulthood sucks.
college graduation behind them, Seth Thompson and Bilal al-Mansoori enjoy their
last carefree summer. But the perfect future Seth’s envisioned since high
school—moving to New York to pursue a career as an artist—doesn’t
appeal to city-phobic Bilal. A job offer allowing Bilal to remain in upstate
New York drives a wedge between them, and Seth’s family’s well-meaning
interference doesn’t help at all.
trip to the UK for Bilal’s sister’s wedding offers a chance to get back on the
same page. But their holiday is abruptly cut short when the unthinkable

Seth faces the very real possibility that he may never see the man he loves
alive again.

Storming Love: Wildfire

Caleb & Shaun

by Devon Rhodes

Sometimes saying goodbye can end up saving a relationship. 

Breaking up with Caleb was the hardest thing Shaun had ever done. It left a huge hole in his home and in his heart. But feeling like he was constantly competing with Caleb’s adrenaline-rush hobbies pushed him to make a stand…one he constantly second-guesses, especially now that Caleb’s gone with his Hot Shots team for a big fire in California. 
Caleb knows he’s a lucky man. His family supports him and he’s able to do what he loves for both work and play. It took losing Shaun, though, for him to realize that his priorities were out of whack. And now his luck might be running out as his crew gets trapped by a fast-moving fire line. 
All they really need is a second chance…if Caleb can stay alive long enough to make it home.

My Prince
By Anna Martin

After growing up in a rough part of town, George Maguire worked his way out of Manchester and to a career as a design engineer. Alexander van Amsberg, an architecture student at the University of Edinburgh, wasn’t the sort of guy he normally had explosive, hotel-room one-night-stands with. Alex was charming, classy, and, as George later learns, Prince of the Netherlands.

Fate brings them together again, and Alex makes sure to get his sexy stranger’s phone number this time. Despite all the reasons why they shouldn’t work, something clicks, and Alex thinks that this time, he might have found the right guy. But Alex’s aristocratic ex stirs up trouble in the press for George and his humble family, and Alex realizes he has to get real about having a boyfriend from the wrong side of town.

While George acknowledges his modest upbringing, he doesn’t let anyone insult his family. Life’s no fairy tale, and regardless of his royal title, Alex might destroy his one chance for happily ever after.

Say Hello to Jackass Flats
by Cherie Noel and Rhae Camdyn

On the
surface, Jackass Flats seems as common as ticks, tornadoes, or tumbleweeds on
the plains of North Texas. But, scratch past the small town charm of Mama Cee’s
restaurant, or Gear Grinders Garage & Machine Shop, and you’ll find a whole
mess of interesting goings on. Mix a DEA investigation running off the rails, a
Paul Bunyan sized French émigré dealing exotic cars, a long eared, lonely
deputy scouting for stuff and nonsense at the infamous local casino, and a
bow-chicka-wow-wow romance track playing at full volume, and things get spicy
with cayenne, cilantro, and a heartwarming dash of good natured hilarity. As
Sheriff Drayton Jeepers likes to say whilst stroking the
road kill he claims is a toupee, “No one south of the highway lives in
their own skin.” Yeah, we don’t know what he means either, but finding out
promises to be fun!

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