Thank you

Thank you for reading,
Thank you for caring,
Thank you for coming to talk
And for sharing.

Thank you for loving
And laughing
And traveling
And packing
And flying/riding/train-ing/trying
To come to new places
And joyfully crying.

Thank you for meeting me,
For greeting me,
For hugging me

For looking through my eyes a bit
And–like me–never getting over it.

Thank you for loving
My heartbroken boys
And sobbing their heartbreak
Embracing their joys.

Thank you for cheering
For underdog teams
And the kid who’s least likely
To see beautiful dreams.

Write for you? Yes!
Sign for you? ‘Course.
Hug you? Oh please?
You forgave me for the horse!
YOu forgave me for the tears!
You forgave me for the pain!
You finished the books and you read them again!

So thank you, my readers,
My fans and cheerleaders,
Thank you for loving the books that I love,
The ones that I read and the ones that I write
I love you, I love playing with you,
I’m sad to bid you goodnight–
Sadder still that tomorrow
I’ll bid an adieu
And one last, heartfelt, Goddess blessed
Thanks ever so much, I’m so humbled and honored,
So grateful and joyful
gesture of gratitude
To each and every

Night GRL 2015–
Thank you 🙂

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  1. Unknown says:

    And thank you for making GRL so special.

  2. Unknown says:

    And thank you for making GRL so special

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