FanFic Sunday?– Interlude

Okay folks– has been a LOOOONGGG GRL, but I enjoyed myself very much. Had dinner tonight with Ethan Day, and spent the afternoon visiting with Chicken, surviving San Diego traffic, and visiting her cat. Huzzah!

But I miss writing and I miss home and since my eyelids are drooping, I’m going to pitch a little John/Jack interlude about home.

*  *  *

John Stilinski’s first day back at home was pretty forgettable– mostly because he was so drugged he forgot most of it.  The next day, Stiles and Derek were around to help while Carter went and cleared out his inbox and made sure Jo could handle everything for the moment.

John awoke that night, still recovering from the humiliation of his potential son-in-law helping him to the bathroom–because there was a once-strange man rattling around his room.

“God you’re loud,” John mumbled. “It’s a good thing Eureka’s perps are all marshmallows, or you’d be dead.”

Carter snorted. “Yeah, well, it’s a good thing all your perps are werecreatures–with the gas you’ve passed since I’ve walked in here, you could kill them all dead.”

Stilinski scowled. “Fucking pain meds. They knot up my insides like nothing else. Nungh.”

Carter came to his bedside and touched his cheek carefully. “Here–let me go text Fargo that we need something easier on your stomach, and it’ll be here in the morning.”

“Wait–no! I don’t want any special…”

But Carter was slipping into the hall with his phone, leaving John in the dark.

The better to fall asleep, right?

He woke up again, and Carter was lying next to him, one careful hand under Carter’s blond sad, the other one lying gently on John’s waist.

“This is nice,” John mumbled. “How long’s it last.”

“Most nights,” Carter mumbled back, kissing his neck.  “I only stay at Sarah the house when I’m watching the kids.”

John grunted and allowed his touch, letting the gruff healing steal through him. “Too bad this house couldn’t be Sarah. Derek and Stiles keep telling me they’re cleaning shit downstairs, but it sounds like a fucking construction zone.”

Carter made a noncomittal noise, and John fell back asleep.

The next morning the underground vacuum tube that Carter had ordered installed began to work. The first item shuttled between Eureka and Beacon Hills was John’s non-binding pain meds.

The second thing was a drawing from Jack’s daughter that she’d done for her childcare worker.

The third thing was a missive from Allison asking if the system worked well enough for Jack to get off her back and come back to work.

John answered that one with a hand-made thank you note.  And a promise to Stiles and Derek to never, ever, ever ship any of Beacon Hills’s freaky assed trouble to their sweet marshmallow neighbors in Eureka.

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