Honey, I’m home…

Okay– so, today is my first REAL day home– real as in I sort of accept that I’m alive in the world and I must drive things, be a player in my own life.

It apparently also means that life gets weird.

But I’ll get to that later.

First off, the following:

*  We’re watching Back to the Future in honor of Back to the Future day. Big T and I both cracked up when Marty was late– seriously, the genius of that scene is that to some of us? EVERY DAY is the day the clocks lost time and we were late.

*  The following thing happened that I thought was amazingly cool–
    When we were driving down to San Diego, Kim Fielding was nice enough to listen to Loreena McKennet’s “The Highwayman” while I narrated. (It’s hard to hear what’s going on if you’re not listening for it.)  Since we were both big fans of the “tragedy songs” of the sixties– “Last Kiss”, “Leader of the Pack”, “Tell Laura I Love Her”– you get the picture– I thought she’d enjoy it, and she did.  Anyway, she got home, and her daughter was reading that poem in school the day after we got back, so Kim told her daughter about the song, and now her daughter’s teacher is playing the song for the class.  I actually did this with a Frank McCourt section that mentioned the song, back in the day when I was teaching, and I cannot tell you how tickled I am that this tradition is continuing. Makes me happy enough to sing… Tell Laura, I looooooovee her! Tell Laura I neeeeeed her…..

*  Okay– and to the potty thing.  See, I took a nap before my aqua class (which I can do now that the class has gotten moved back. Yay!)  Anyway, when I woke up from the nap, I… well, you know. Potty. Yes. That.

So there I am… uh, indisposed… when the dogs start going bananas. Seriously apeshit. “Auuooooooooohhhhh!!!!”  Howling and barking and such… and, well.


But the bathroom has a window. So, I reached out and opened the window and peered through.

And saw six SWAT guys creeping in on the house with the drug dealers. One of them was JUST holstering his gun as I opened the window, and they were all straightening from their crouches as though determining the threat had passed.

I wasn’t taking any chances. As soon as I wiped I was jumping in my swimsuit and heading for class.

I would far rather the world come crashing down on my head when I’m in the pool than when I’m on the potty. 

I’m just saying!

Oh– and the funniest part? Was hearing the guys break up the shooting party on the front porch of the condemned house. “Okay then… see ya, I guess.”  “Yeah–talk to you later. Call me tonight?”  “Course. See you at the station! Bye!”

Oh!  And thanks so much to Kristin Caldwell Peto on FB, who keeps making my memes for me.  She’s got a delightful sense of humor, and I’m so grateful she shares!

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