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Okay, first things first.

Anybody remember those Sunday morning paper activities, where you had to look at two different pictures and find the seven things different? Well, I’m not gonna make you do that, but it’s sort of what I had to do when I helped pick the cover we went with.

The basic image was the same (in this case, Talker coming completely unglued), but the background details, the ones that foreshadowed plot points, were different. Also, since this is the FINISHED picture (everybody give a hearty thanks to Reese Dante, the artist, who not only did an awesome, kick-ass job, but who read my last post and sent me a picture so I didn’t have to feel like a total stupidhead) you’ll see that the tattoo details are more finished, especially on his arm and wrist, and that he’s wearing the half-glove. The half-glove is important, trust me–and not the easiest thing to do, (apparently airbrushing clothes is a real bitch-kitty of a job–yikes!) so everyone give it up to Reese for being buckets of awesome! (If nothing else, seeing the mock-up and the final together should give you an idea of how much work goes into a ‘simple’ photo cover, right?)

Anyway–Woot! It’s purty and I likes it!

Which is good, because I spent the last two days in editing hell. Oi!

Seriously– two stories on my plate at the same time. First there was Yearning, the Jack & Teague adventure that Torquere is putting out, and my realization that yes, I did write that like, two, three years ago, and omg–I’ve gotten better since then. My editing, my ability to keep focused on one point of view–all of it! It was nice to see I’d gotten better, but it was sort of embarrassing too. I wanted to call my editor on the phone and say, “Honest to Christ, I’m better than that now!” But he seemed to like the story anyway, so, well, maybe some editing will fix the flaws.

Then there was Talker’s Redemption, and can I just say, if poor Talker can survive that story, he can probably survive anything life throws at him? Ouch. I don’t know what twisted, angry, perverse little monster in my heart makes me do that shit to perfectly nice characters, but I think he’s been fed on good beef and wormwood, because that fucker is STRONG and EVIL.

Anyway, beyond that, I’ve finished a VERY SHORT (3K) Little Goddess short for a promotional thing I’m doing on Goodreads will release it on Dec. 24th, and I’ll give you a link then. It’s not too long, and it’s for the m/m forum and was written to a prompt (in this case a picture) but I managed to frame the main story with some Green and pregnant Cory, and I think LG fans will be pleased. (I just hope the m/m folks are… they get really weird about girl cooties… I mean… rabid weird. But I asked the lady who put out the prompt if it was okay if I set the story in the LG world. She said yes–I hope she likes her little ficlet:-)

And I have one more Christmas fiction promise to keep. You may remember, a couple of months ago I ran a contest, where I asked you guys to pick a couple you wanted me to write about? I don’t remember WHO the winner was, (so, uhm, e-mail me if you see this, darling, otherwise I’ll go back into the archives and find the post) but I remember that the couple was Marcus and Phillip, and I think their story is going to be a novella that I’ll submit, because I’ve got too much good stuff going into it not to. But that doesn’t mean I won’t print it out and sign it and send it to the brilliant reader whom I adore but whose name escapes me, when I’m done!

And other than that? Squish went to day care for a day and the world rejoiced! (Or at least *I* rejoiced–I wouldn’t have been able to get all that editing done otherwise!) Squish also rejoiced. It’s hard being lonely and bored, and she wasn’t, and I felt less like a deadbeat mom. And today is the FINAL, CANYAGIMMEHALLELUJIAAMEN last vestige of soccer season. It’s Zoomboy’s soccer banquet, and he’s going to go roller skating and I’m bringing Chicken and Squish to go skating too. And then Squish has a post-season slumber party, and then, well, if we had any alcohol in the house whatsoever, I’d break out the mojitos and toast to next season–a reassuring seven months away.

(oh yes– Kerre– if you’re out there! THANK YOU for the lovely art cards–I was so very pleased! What a lovely gift!–Amy!)

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  1. Chris says:

    Yay for having a cover and release date and getting editing done!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I'd drink to the end of soccer season, too. The cover art is spectacular. What a great job.

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