Shaking off the crud…

So, shaking off the crud mostly– still tired, but at least not feeling consistently crappy.  This is a good thing, because now Mate has it, and I want him to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Before I turn the light off to go to bed!


Some fun stuff this weekend, starting with Chicken getting her job at Rubio’s. I have to admit, as I sat there, eating my grilled shrimp salad, it occurred to me that being in the restaurant and ordering a meal while someone is getting interviewed is maybe not a great strategy for life. Because hey– she got this job this time, which is great because the family loves this restaurant, and they’ll work around her current job, or, if she gets the job she really wants, they’ll work around that too.

But, uh, as I was sitting there eating, it hit me. What if she doesn’t get this job?  Then what? I finish up my salad while my daughter cries all over me? “Uh, hold up there, I know you’re crushed, but if I don’t eat some protein, hon, I’m going t devour the seat rests… sorrrrrreeeeeeeeee….”

I mean, at the very least, I should have ordered a burrito because those are easier to carry with you. Next time, I’ll keep that in mind!

So there was that.

Yesterday, Chicken and I went to a car dealership and she drove a Crown Vic. Now, seriously, for $3500, this car wasn’t bad. As Chicken said, “It’s got cop suspension, cop brakes, cop engine, cop mirrors…”  And the first thing she said was, “Hey, my brother will fit in this car!”  Which, I guess, was a problem in the other one–he kept breaking things.  But it was the first car she drove, and it was really big for her, and, worse than all of that, I was with her, which meant there was probably a big ol’ reason she shouldn’t have this car, and we just went with the odds on that one.  But she and her dad went out today, and they’re going to go out tomorrow, and it would be fabulous if she had a car before the end of this week.

Not to whine, but driving one more person around makes me cranky.

So there was that, and Squish’s soccer game.  I was knitting a conspicuous pink hat during that, and as I sat there, one of my friends was like, “Is that a hand warmer? A sweater?”

“Uh, no. It’s a hat. A very, uh, particular pink hat.”

She thought that was hilarious–I’m thinking more people in Sacramento need to be wearing those hats, that’s what I’m thinking!

This morning I got a special treat– a trip to Babetta’s and a special breakfast with Karen Rose. Chicken was there at the yarn store, and the whole family went to eat. Lots of good stories–my kids were especially cute today, if I say so myself–and Zoomboy and Squish got to tell stories too.  I’m sort of proud of that–it takes a lot of storytelling to get to that point as a parent when you’re not poised with your thumbnail between your teeth, ready for your kid to reveal something heinously embarrassing about the whole family. (Technically, that’s my job, right?)

Anyway– when Karen had gone on to her writer’s retreat in Mendocino, it was time for us to come home and…

Well, sleep.

Like I said–I’m apparently made of sleep.

Which, oddly enough is where I”m going now, so I can save up the energy to do something this week so the kids aren’t disappointed. It’s a week off school, after all.  I mean, I’m not so old that I don’t remember that’s cause to celebrate!

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