The Cave Troll didn’t think I gave him a good enough story in the last entry. About an hour after I hit ‘publish post’, Ladybug and the Cave Troll were doing predictable yet unmentionable things with the slinky Needletart sent us so long ago. Mate told him to stop, and then, because Cave Troll needs to know the why of things, showed him the little divot in the corner of the wall where the paint was chipped.

“Holy shit!” Exclaimed my four-year old in surprise. “Can we put a band-aid on that?”

When Mate was done laughing, I assured him, most vehemently, that ‘Holy Shit’ was T’s expression, and not mine. (And then we laughed some more, because we are bad parents and it was fucking funny!!!!)

0 thoughts on “Apparently…”

  1. Oh no. Ninja and I are bad parents. Mr. Mature’s phrase dujour is “Aw fuck.” Yep. MY four year old drops the f-bomb appropriately, and with inflection.

  2. Em says:

    I think you should ask my nice lady mom about my older sister’s use of inappropriate language in a church. She would, I’m sure, love to tell you. It’s great to see your kids make you laugh.

  3. sheila says:

    Your not bad parents! Your normal! Kieran’s first word was Shit (try explaining that to the grandparents) and he still uses it every once in awhile!

    The best is when he catches us swearing and then he will keep telling us that whatever word we said is a bad word. No joke, he does it about 5 times…did I ever mention that he is a good manipulator/limit tester as well!

    We are so proud!

  4. roxie says:

    Doing unmentionalbe things with a slilnky? My god I have a filthy mind!

    I love hearing about your kids. They make me laugh a lot, too!

    May you get Merry Christmas kisses and hugs every day for the next six months!

    (My verification word is baoztb. Sounds like a biblical guy that coughs a lot.)

  5. Catie says:

    Hilarious – my niece’s first words were “Oh SHIT!” with the proper inflection.

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