The most stressful break EVER.

In light of my “submitting Bitter Moon” triumph, and the incredible avalanche of crap that I have waiting on my desk, I decided to be a grown-up, and take a break from my pipe-dream for a week and a half. i.e. NO WRITING. Bitter Moon II is officially on hiatus. No writing on it. No thinking about it. I shall throw myself whole-heartedly and passionately into the job that pays the bills.

My Aunt Fanny.

Don’t get me wrong–I haven’t written. I’ve devoted my nights to knitting (my babysitter is leaving on Monday, so I have to finish ‘Fetching’ and a hat this weekend) and my days to…

Well, pootering about. I don’t know how I can just sit here, up to my elbows (LITERALLY) in paperwork, and surf the net randomly for a half an hour before I remember that, HELLO, I have to grade these papers and complete this final. It is a mystery to me. So, not only am I not getting any of my shit done, I’M NOT GETTING ANY WRITING DONE EITHER! And you want to know what’s worse? The writing is threatening to consume my brain. I almost called a student ‘Aylan’ today, and considering how homophobic my student body is, and how homophobic that character is NOT, this was a gaffe that could get me lynched when the book comes out. (Yes, some will read my book. Sometimes, having them talk to me about the books is better than the royalty check, For. Real.)

I’m seriously going to have to forward my final to my house so I can finish it and run it off this weekend. I would take the stack of papers, but I know from experience that the damned final has a better chance of getting done.

And in the meantime, I’m going to have to put on my garlic necklace and paint a blooded cross upon my chest to keep me away from the world’s deadliest time vampire–the Internet! Who knew?

(btw? T appreciated everybody’s good wishes. He really does have the sweetest smile when I tell him these things:-)

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  1. Em says:

    Good luck getting all the icky work done! If I weren’t across the country, I’d offer to help grade papers. I just love breaking people’s hearts! I mean, uh, participating in the educational process.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Take the hiatus and let the characters play in your mind. The holiday week is stressful enough with the family stuff. I don’t miss grading papers. I have three clinics and two crisis classes this week and then I am off for 11 days. I can hardly wait. It will give the bruises time to heal from the crisis classes.

  3. I hate it when work gets in the way of life. Chin up. It’s mostly over. Mostly.

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