Well…the post itself isn’t gooey…

But the cookie making was a sticky mess.

My daughter informed me on Thursday that her best friend was coming over today to make cookies. Excellent–because on the day after finals, three days before Christmas, that’s what I’m gonna wanna do. Actually–it wasn’t bad.

The old mixmaster was sort of doomed from the start–you don’t even want to know what I had to clean off it before we started cooking, (Mate wanted to know when the last time I’d had it out had been…I asked him how old the Cave Troll was, and told him to add three years), and eventually it did blow up. You think I’m kidding? There I am, frantically knitting like a madwoman in the living room when both girls start shouting, “Don’t touch it, Cave Troll, it’s starting to smoke!” But after we took it outside and consigned it to the briny deep, things chilled out. We broke out the hand-held, and fixed the broken cookie recipe–see the following conversation for details:

“Are you sure that’s enough flour?”

” Yeah mom, it’s plenty.”

“Are you sure? It doesn’t look like enough flour.”

“Trust us, mom–wait…what is it doing! AUGGGGHHH!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE COOKIES!”

And when we were done, the results were reasonably edible. I’ve still got a hat to finish and presents to wrap and crap-all else to do, but Christmas baking may be stricken from the list. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it! (Except it’s been an hour and they still aren’t loading onto blogger, dammit!!!) *sigh* I’ll try again tomorrow!!! Keep at it, my darlings…only two more days of Holiday cheer before the big C-day…and then, my favorite day of the year. December 26th–the Christmas coma…nothing but leftovers and playing with toys in the rubble. *ah*, family:-)

0 thoughts on “Well…the post itself isn’t gooey…”

  1. roxie says:

    The Christmas coma – yes! Love that day!! Spend it in pajamas and eat left-overs. Sleep whenever and snuggle the littles.

    The mixer probably died of old age. Not your fault!!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    My favorite day, too. It’s a pajama day in our house with no cooking (ok, minimal cooking) and just lazing about. I am just starting to bake cookies today, the 23. Everything else is done and the baking fairy has to get to work.

  3. TinkingBell says:

    I’ve declared Boxing Day do nothing day – champagne under the trees if it’s nice, watch the kids fall off their new trampoline, fall of thir new bikes, drink more chapagne eat stuff – all good! Merry Christmas and a Happy happy new Year Amy – thanks for such fun in 2007 – perhaps it will continue in 2008!

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