I’m taking a chance…

And trying to load more photos. I sort of had a brainfart today–it completely escaped my attention, in that floaty vacation way of catching up on sleep and slogging through a constantly trashed house–that today was my day to blog. At first I was all into that whole ‘blogging without obligation’ idea, and just blowing off the day, but then it occurred to me that, karmically speaking, it would be a good day to try to load pictures. I mean, the blogging gods gave me a break with my last post, and, lets face it, I’m due. I’ve got quite a few pictures of naked children from a rolicking game of ‘mommies and monkeys’ that I thoroughly enjoyed, but I got the feeling that people were uncomfortable with naked children–not on their own account, but from a perfectly reasonable fear of child predators out there, and so I’ll refrain. I can only say,

A. You’re missing out, because Ladybug’s pudgy little nakedness ranks a 10 on the cuteness scale, and
B. If any child predators are surfing for naked children on my blog, they will be sorely disappointed, because I just can’t get pictures loaded often enough for a good view.
Besides, my children are not good targets–they bite, they scream, and they kick. And that’s people they like.

And besides that, well, I’m a movie away from finishig a pair of sort-of-fingerless mitts for Ladybug. They’re sort of fingerless, because I made them long enough for real mittens, but I didn’t close the top, but I did make a button closure, so they can close if she needs it. I also put a button on the back of the mitten, and a hole on the back of the top of the mitten (yes, I will try for pictures when they’re done!) so that you can fold the mitten down so pudgy little fingers can wiggle and function, and button it so the top of the mit stays out of the way. And, of course, I left the thumb open–that’s very crucial with a self-pacifying Ladybug.

And I’ve written ten pages that I’m really proud of on Bitter Moon: Part II, Triane’s Son Reigning. As soon as Part I is out, I’ll post some more teasers–book people seem to like that:-) I’m enjoying writing Eljean–he’s a flawed character. He’s not heroic, and he’s not always truthful or straightforward, and he is very bewildered by the world he finds himself in and doesn’t always deal with it in a flattering way. He’s also horrible at keeping secrets and terrified by pain. In short, he’s exactly NOT the sort of person you want to know all of your biggest secrets, and yet he’s the person who accidentally stumbles upon the things Torrant and Aylan, our two heroes, need the world NOT to know. I’ve enjoyed writing him immensely–he’s sort of a stretch. Next, I get to write from the villain’s point of view, and I’ve always sucked at that, so that’s also going to be a stretch, and all in all, this book is so delicious that I can only hope (here’s the prayer now, everybody say it with me) Holy Goddess, Merciful God, Let it Not Suck. Amen.

And speaking of books? I’m enjoying Roxie’s newest, Sanna and the Dragons with a profound sense of gratitude. Roxie has such lovely, visual prose, and her characters are warm and real and fine. She needs to be absolutely the newest thing in YA books, and in a perfect world she would be, because the YA lists are so full of angst and pain and terrifying things–I looked at Chicken’s Scholastic book list, and there was a book that my students have read called ‘Crank’ about a girl who splits her personality to be come a promiscuous junkie, and it starts with the kid doing lines on her father’s coffee table, with dad and his bimbo-du-jour. I mean, come ON! ‘Crank’ makes the Scholastic Top Ten, and ‘Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice’ can’t get the time of day from an agent? The world is just not fair–I personally would rather my kid read lovely, amazing prose about a brave, self-actualized, strong and willful young woman with a sense of duty and play and usefulness in the world, than bad prose poetry about the evils of drug use. I know for a fact that ‘Crank’ would give her nightmares, while ‘Sanna’ gave her hope–and really, isn’t that what we’d like to teach our young people? Hope? Anyway, I’m off my soapbox now. ‘Sanna: Sorceress Apprentice’ and ‘Sanna and the Dragons’ are awesome fantasy, and money well spent. Thanks, Roxie–my vacation is much more enjoyable thanks to your book!

And I’ve got two photos loaded, and I’ll give up now in thanks and try some more with the next post. The first picture is making cookies–before the mix-master blew up, and the second one is Christmas day, with CaveTroll in his new Buzz-wear, and Ladybug in her pretty pretty princess dress and a jacket I knit for her when she was a fetus that finally fits now. It’s just as well, because I used Lion Suede, and I hated the stuff and it’s the only thing I’ll ever make that would look that good with that dress.

Ciou! I’m off to find the coordinates of the wedding of a friend of mine (Danielle–she comments some times. One of the loveliest, most tolerant and sound-hearted people on the planet, I’m so thrilled for her I can’t contain myself!!!) Chicken was laughing at me because I found the card with the website on it (for the coordinates, of course) and I was doing some sort of bizarre victory dance that looked like a headless chicken being zapped by electricity while dying from cyanide poisoning. She seemed to think it was funny. Bye!

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  1. roxie says:

    You have the most adorable children!!

    And I want to hire you as my publicist. Thank you, thank you for your kind words! I am sooo glad you’re enjoying, “Dragons.” Squeee!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I have never read Roxie’s book, I guess because it’s YA but you have made me want to find it and read it. So, next payday, I have two books to order, your book after vulnerable (is it wounded?) and Sanna, Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I have not done as much reading as Iused to. Knitting has gotten in the way and I listen to more books than I read. There is still something satisfying about the weight of a book in your hands, though.

  3. TinkingBell says:

    I’m with you – I hate hate hate the awful books that well meaning left leaning liberals (of which I am one) who have nothing to do with children actually think children should read – not only is it crap, but it’s usually badly written crap! If there’s no incest, drug use or sex and violence, it apparently doesn’t make the cut!! I intend my children to be reading Narnia and Tamora Pierce and Emily Rodda and Phillip Pullman and Winnie the Pooh and Sanna (if I can get my hands on it) for their teenage years! (and inot their adult years too!

  4. Cave Troll and Ladybug are cute as ever. Glad you’re having a good Christmas break. Writing villians is hard, because we don’t like to think dark pathways.

  5. Catie says:

    I love how in the bottom corner of the second picture there is ladybug with an awesome expression on her face. Happy new year to you and yours

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