Meet The Beast…

And the beast is me.

Seriously. I’ve been a snarling, bitchy, horrible beast this last week… and it’s funny. I think I finally figured out what my problem is.

Uhm… It’s November and I teach high school. O.M.G. Do I truly need any other reason? Okay… well, my small people are also tired and have been clingy like leeches and my big people haven’t stopped talking in five days and I haven’t had more than ten seconds of writing and/or knitting time to myself in the last two weeks and Supernatural just ripped my heart into tiny pieces and THEN WENT ON HIATUS (damn them… angel faced brothers with kiss-me mouths. Isn’t there some sort of public property law that says anything that hot MUST be available on television to feed the masses? Wait…I’m off track…) and I LOST another iPod and…

And it’s November, I have children, and I teach high school. Yup. Bad mood covered. On to other things.

Other things like traffic ticket be damned, I’m sending Rampant into the publisher’s this week and the stepmoms kicked out some AWESOME cover art. Okay–it’s not Mt. Shasta, but it is Mt. Lassen reflected in a lake, and since Lassen is actually mentioned in the book, and, hullo, it’s a big skeery volcano, I think Mt. Lassen will make a fine cover shot, don’t you? (We actually HAD pictures of Sugarpine lake… but they weren’t really, uhm, exciting if you didn’t count my beautiful children sitting on a log in the middle of it. I mean *I* liked them, but I don’t think they’ll sell books.)

So, uhm, that’s sort of cool.

Other things like Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar going on sale by the individual story in a week and a half– finally, some of you will be able to read “If I Must” and I want you to because it’s cute and happy–and we all knows I don’t do cute and happy that often, right?

So, uhm, yeah. Getting excited about that.

Other things like expecting my edits for “Keeping Promise Rock” in the e-mail sometime in the next four weeks.

Uhm. SQUUUEEEEEE!!!! Right?

And other things like getting a courtship letter from these folks today, which, all things considered I thought was kind of flattering. The director of submissions had actually seen me on, visited the web site, and wanted me to send something in. I’m thinking of sending in the piece I’m working on about Adrian and the Angels…I don’t know if they’ll like it, or even if it’s what they’re looking for… but hey. They gave me an invite… I hate to be the hoser who stays home from the party because he thinks jeans are just too damned casual to wear, right?

So yes. I have been a royal raging bitch. But my children and I are going to have a lovely break, I may fight the laundry monster and win, and, holy shit and pass the potatoes, I may just finish some Christmas knitting AND the Adrian story in the next week.

Maybe, if the dragon sleeps, the children sleeps, MOMMY sleeps, and I get to sneak a romance book in the bathroom (HuLLO, I’ve been trying to read Dark Highlander for a MONTH! I LOVE it, I just need to get through it!), maybe if all this happens, we can sic The Beast on the Laundry Monster and nice mommy can walk out of the rubble, you know, like the scientists walk out after Godzilla and Mothra go a few rounds in Tokyo?

I mean, you know. That sort of shit happens in the movies, right?

0 thoughts on “Meet The Beast…”

  1. Louiz says:

    sending you movie magic thoughts… hope it gets through!

    Looking forwards to reading new Amy books.

  2. Galad says:

    Your life is rarely dull, that's for sure! The long weekend lies ahead – keep focusing on the break.

    Publishing Rampant!!!! My day is now even happier.

  3. roxie says:

    It's all a matter of perspective. Mothra had a bad, bad week when he attacked Tokoyo. A lot of property owners were upset. But the scientists were happy!

    Publishing rampant? Hot diggety!!

    May your Thanksgiving be sleeping-in-front-of-the-tv-with-a-lapful-of-kids good!

  4. DecRainK says:

    Rampant…published?!?!?!?!?! YAY.

    Good luck beating the laundry monster, and with reading the book. I love the highlander series by Moning. Haven't had a chance to read that one yet.

  5. On the plus side Christmas is a little more than 30 days away. Congrats on the book!

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