Two Things That Couldn’t Wait…

Thing the first:

Yes–it’s done!!! I’ll give a pattern tomorrow or Saturday, but it’s done, and it’s gorgeous, and he loves it. (Of course, he’ll love it better when it’s blocked. Or is that me?)

Thing the second: Vulnerable’s big book review! Yes, I know it’s been reviewed before, but this is it’s first official ‘critic’ and I’m very proud.

Thing the third: (Wait…did I make a math error? Me? Nooooooooo) This book here. I’ve been getting in some reading this summer–I’ve enjoyed the Kitty books by Carrie Vaughn, and the Changeling books by Elaine Cunningham, and of course the new Kim Harrison, Barb/JC Hendee, and Mary Janice Davidson were awesome…and don’t get me started on how wild I am about Harry!!! But this book took me by surprise. Anyone who was a fan of Adrian and Green’s relationship in VULNERABLE would love this book–I wrote a review (probably my first review since Roxie’s book–I’ve been holding back for books I really love…that don’t already have six-billion reviews) And so now I have another author to watch–always a joy.

0 thoughts on “Two Things That Couldn’t Wait…”

  1. Louiz says:

    Having now finished the last Harry Potter book, I’ re-reading Vulnerable so I can put a good review up on Amazon (and because it’s a damn good story). Do you want me to let you know when it goes up?

    PS parcel will go out this weekend, royal mail strikes permitting.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I just got Vulnerable in the mail. My daughter is reading it first while I spend the weekend with Harry. I love the alligator sweater!

  3. roxie says:

    The sweater is Awesome and the Cave Troll looks utterly, utterly delighted! Lucky boy!

    The review had me varying between hating her and praising her. (And where does she come off critiquing other people’s writing when she does such a slipshod job herself?) But she winds up selling the book just on the verve and zest of your work. Makes it sound like a “Must Read” to me!

  4. Cave Troll doesn’t look as fierce in a nice sweater.

  5. NeedleTart says:

    Yay! The Sweater is on the Cave Troll! As for Vulnerable…My Shrink friend took the Wounded and Bound to a conference in Chicago last week. Apparently you will be getting orders from the center of the country. She still raves about your character development (though she says it will be nice to have it run through an OCD checker).

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