Okay, Now I Just Feel Bad…

The writer of the shorter review took her review down!

I’d left a comment on her review–it said, “I’m sorry you didn’t like the book (and I am!) but most of the action in ‘Vulnerable’ takes place in So. Placer County, not Sacramento–are you sure you reviewed the right book?”

Her reply was that she was sorry that she’d offended me and how much she had enjoyed the book and how much she was enjoying the other books and she’d never wanted to offend me–she just rated really really harsh.

My reply to that was that I was in a tenuous position as an independent author–a two star review was a crushing thing. I also asked how I had offended her about our locale–I’ve grown up here, and for a brief time, a long time ago, I was very much like Cory (only I worked at McDonald’s–it’s where Mate and I met). I was curious what she found inaccurate and offensive about my description of So. Placer.

And she took it down.

Now I feel like a total bully–crushing free speech was not my intention–I just wanted to know WHY…you have to admit, her review didn’t actually explain the lousy rating…I mean, I was curious. I have to be careful now–I didn’t realize. I must use this power for good.

But my peeps came through with shining colors–Roxie, Donna Lee, KnitTech, Louiz–you guys jumped in to my little pity-party and changed the music…thank you. Now, I’m swearing off the net for most of the day. It’s really cutting into my knitting time. (That and I put off a school assignment last night–I need to get to it, but I sort of need to meditate about it for a little while…creativity needs some non-electronic musing time!)

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  1. Julie says:

    Don’t feel bad. It sounds like the reviewer was about twelve years old and a total moron to boot. She didn’t get the TOWN RIGHT.

    Be glad. It’s gone. It should be gone. It wasn’t useful, it was just bitchy.

    Good for you.

    (I’m in a take-no-prisoners mood today, can you tell?)

  2. NeedleTart says:

    Remember that friend I loaned your book to? The one depressed over a friend’s death? She’s a psychologist. She said the grammer bugged her, too, but (BUT!) she had never read such well-realized characters and everyone’s actions flowed sanely from the way you described his/her thoughts. She said the uneveness in Vulnerable didn’t bother her a whit becuase she could see Cory becoming a real girl. So there! Two over-educated people like your book (in fact she asked when the next one is coming out and she voted for 2 volumes so she can afford it).

  3. Alyssa says:

    Why does everyone get soo upset about the grammar? I mean, really. It is not that bad, and honestly in Bound I never noticed (not that I’m a grammar goddess by any means). Amazon reviewers tend to piss me off anyway. I would so not feel bad, especially since her review was erroneous. My advice would be just to ignore the useless comments and focus on those that help you.

    I totally agree with needletart’s friend! Your character development totally rocks!

  4. Catie says:

    i’m a bit over educated too (or on my way to be so). I liked the book that I’ve read so far, the grammar didn’t get me too bad – just the use of the amphersand sign in text – but I think that that was just because I’d never read a novel with it in the text before. But by the end of the book I was getting used to it, a stylistic thing is what I told myself. I’ll be getting the other books soon, it is just that I normally read on the bus and the love scenes are a bit much for bus reading.

  5. Amy Lane says:

    Thanks, guys–Julie, I love that the whole ‘warrior’ aspect of this appeals to you! Needletart–that was a wonderful compliment, thank you! Sora–you are my favorite stalker. I love knowing you’re out there! And Catie–there will be no more ampersands in the text…it’s funny that when you first mentioned that, I had no idea I’d used them…in fact, I would have been hard pressed to remember where that button is on the keyboard–and there I went and used it with impunity! It’s funny how what you don’t know that you know can really embarrass you!

    Thanks guys–thanks again. I’ll try to keep my whiny angsty writer things down to a minimum…I am going to be 40 in September…I should probably try to act at least 29…

  6. Bells says:

    You can whine here, Amy. It’s your blog. You go right ahead.

  7. roxie says:

    First off, you didn’t abuse the woman. You gave her direct contact with the author and made her aware that a real person was behind the work she was so casually dissing.

    Second, everyone is entitled to her own silly-ass opinion, and you can’t please all the people all the time. You, Amy Lane, please most of the people all the time. Does that help?

    third, what do you want for your birthday?

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