The Midnight Rambler…

(Since I’ve turned my kids on to the Rolling Stones and all…)

I’m about 1/2 an hour away from being done w/Kewyn’s sweater–hooray, an FO!!!

I’ve sworn off the forums forever…I just get to worked up…I’ve got too many other things to get all wired up about.

We’ve finally made hotel reservations–don’t expect to hear from me for part of next week–I’ll be by the sea…(I love Monterey…and I’m looking for a yarn store and a nice beach to play at…)

The Cave Troll is cracking me up–he keeps asking to see ‘The Wild’ (a Disney Movie) and since we’re stopping by 6 Flags Discovery on the way home from Monterey, I’m thinking he’ll be in little boy heaven. Now I’m terrified I’ll lose the little goombah–do you know pedophiles call 3-6 year old towheaded boys ‘drop pieces’? As in ‘use ’em and lose ’em’? I read that in a novel about four weeks ago–right after I lost Cave Troll in Wal-Mart–and haven’t been sleeping well since.

I was at Chicken’s dance lessons today, chatting up the mom’s (who, after 10 years, have no idea what to make of me, even still…) when I noticed the woman nursing her baby next to me. She seemed to be surrounded by children, and she seemed to be *gasp* older than me…I took a stab in the dark…”So, you have, uh, five kids?”

“No,” she smiled–she’s very sweet, “I have ten.”

Good Goddess–Mate and I look positively sane and brilliant compared to that, don’t we? And she’s homeschooling. I briefly thought of doing that, but I’ve got that genetic thing about being very cool teaching everybody but my own family, and I decided I wanted my children to live. (About that genetic thing–don’t knock it…T was 12 before I truly realized why my dad had to drink a six pack of beer before he took me driving to practice for my driver’s test. And now, at 14, he keeps asking me when he can get his license, and I keep saying, “21”.)

And I want to adopt a 3 cornered cat. Maybe it’s Roxie’s fault–she keeps singing Jack’s praises…maybe it was the way she was letting the kittens in the pen nurse off of her–she has ‘mama’ written all over her. Maybe it was that she looks just like Isabeau–remember, the cat I skinned alive? (If you don’t remember, it’s in the archives…but really, it’s not that good a story…) Maybe it’s that I like the idea of naming a three-cornered cat ‘Triane’ after the Goddess of Joy from BITTERMOON, who is the ‘third’ Goddess. (We could also call her Ender Third, from Ender’s game…don’t laugh–we almost named the Cave Troll that.)

And it’s hella late, the baby finally went to sleep, and I took a break from BITTERMOON tonight because I had no classroom and I was over and done with playing on the computer…

But blogging’s different. (Dija hear about the midnight rambler…now I have to go visit that sight on Rabbitch’s blog about the screwed up song lyrics…)

See ya later w/aligator sweater pix–and the pattern, if anybody wants it…


0 thoughts on “The Midnight Rambler…”

  1. Netter says:

    10, 10 kids? I can understand my grandmother having her 8th 45 years ago, but 10 in this day and age! That women is something.

  2. roxie says:

    Ten? TEN children? Are they Morman or Catholic? Oh, I’m sorry. It just trips my triggers.

    Yay for nearly finnished sweater! Yay for time to knit! Yay for vacation time.

    What are the chances of putting the Cave Troll on a leash? Seriously – one of those bracelets on a retractable cord would give you a LOT of peace of mind.

  3. NeedleTart says:

    We told the children that they couldn’t have their lisences until they could pay for their own car insurance. That should give you a few more years;-)

  4. Bells says:

    Amy gets a holiday! Woo hoo!!! That’s great. Go and have a great time. That’s an order!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    I cannot imagine 10 kids! I have three and we have always felt out numbered. I, also, thought about home schooling and even looked up the requirements in my state but I thought the socialization outweighed the more intensive learning. I just supplemented what they were taught in school with my brilliant insights.

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