To make it perfectly clear, I was going to write some Jai/George tonight. I was excited about writing some Jai/George.

They were gonna go round two. I was gonna blow your minds with it, I swear.

I was celebrating you see–because that edit that was giving me hell two weeks ago came back, and my editor was impressed and I was excited and I’ve been progressing on my newest WIP and whooppeeee!!!!  Progress on something positive.

So I took my computer with me to the kids’ dance lessons so I could write my newsletter in McDonalds (free soda water, with all that yummy ice!) and then send my edit back.

And I was in the middle of my newsletter when it happened.

The computer crashed.

The newsletter–which was almost complete–was saved.

The edit and 8,000 words of my WIP?

Were not.

Repeat, not.

This McDonalds I go to–air conditioning, free ice water, I get one cookie when I go in there–is pretty much vacant. There’s like me and a homeless guy who came in for coffee and some AC. The drivethru is full so the employees are busy, but I’m alone by the bathrooms, silent screaming at my damned computer.

I needed a table to topple, or a stuffed animal to pitch across the room or something. I didn’t want to break out into loud expletives because the poor guy on the other side of the restaurant was looking a little wild-eyed and having me scream out of nowhere might have done some damage.

But anyway, my computer rage quit, and then I just pulled out my knitting and pouted. And that’s where we are.

I managed to recover most of my WIP from my nightly email to my beta reader, but that fuckin’ edit. Man, I can barely look at that thing. I’m just clicking the mouse until it’s done, without examining any of the changes this time.

I was so proud, too.


Well, some days are like that.

You just don’t expect them to happen in McDonalds.

— Oh!

I’d like to thank EVERYBODY who’s purchased and reviewed Warm Heart so far– you all seem to love it and I’m very happy about that.  And seriously– thank you so much for the reviews. I’m ever so grateful to everybody who’s helped this book be a success!


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