Don’t Slow Down–Jai/George Part 6

So, continuing on from where we last left off… warning, this is a little more explicit than my other sex scenes.

Uh, enjoy?

*  *  *

“Slower?” George panted, struggling minimally with Jai’s binding grip on his wrists. “But I want faster?”

Jai chuckled and shifted between George’s legs. George’s breath caught. Naked. They were naked. He was in a tent with an enormously strong man and their bodies were touching, skin rubbing, his cock along Jai’s abdomen, Jai’s cock along his thighs, and they were bare-assed naked. 

Jai dropped his head so his breath touched the shell of George’s ear. Slowly–excruciatingly slowly–Jai rippled his hips, so George could feel every inch of of Jai’s length shoving into the soft skin of his inner thigh.

There were a lot of inches-many of them long but some of them wide, and a thick slide of pre-come making those inches glide.

George moaned quietly and wrapped his legs around Jai’s hips, arching against him and losing himself in the dreamy intimacy of being naked in the dark.

“Slow,” Jai whispered, and rocked his hips again.

George’s brain fizzled, and his words and any willpower he had to resist Jai’s words and the demands of his body. “Anything,” he whispered, arching up against Jai again. “Anything you want from me. Anything.”

Jai sucked George’s tender earlobe into his mouth, and kept up that full body massage with his own, their hips bucking against each other with increasing urgency. Jai released his earlobe, and the cool air added it’s own gentle touch while Jai moved to behind his ear, his neck, his jaw. George tilted his head, bared his throat, gave this giant of a man complete access to all of his vulnerable parts.

Jai had already cared for George with tenderness and humor, and George had no qualms about turning over the reins.

Little broken whimpers issued from George’s throat, and Jai kept on kissing him, his neck, his chest. Those big hands cupped George’s hips and Jai took a sensitized nipple into his mouth, sucking until George moaned again, then nibbling, and then nipping. George clicked his teeth together in an effort to keep quiet and he moved his hands to grip Jai’s biceps hard.

“Nyet,” Jai whispered softly, putting George’s hands over his head again.


“You are my dessert,” Jai said, his lips twisting wickedly. “Let me enjoy you.”


Jai reached under George’s pillow and came out with a rope with a knot on either side, the kind that could be used as a dog toy. “Hold this,” he instructed. “Over your head. Don’t move until I tell you to.”

George took the rope, surprised. “Nothing to tie me up with?” he said, only half joking.

“If this goes well this weekend, sure,” Jai told him, so matter of factly that George’s knees fell open.


“You like that, small man?”

This close, Jai’s chest pressed up against George’s abdomen, George could practically feel the smugness radiating from him. Being tied up had never been on George’s list of kinks–but in this moment here, he felt the thrill at being at Jai’s mercy.

“I dunno,” he mumbled, squirming against Jai’s massive body. “I just… just… oh God, Jai, I need–“

Jai took his other nipple into his wet mouth and pulled.

George cried out and bucked, wrapping his legs again and squeezing.

Jai let go of his nipple with a pop, and very carefully moved George’s feet so one was spread on either side of Jai’s body. “Stay,” he said firmly.

George whimpered.

“Stay,” Jai repeated. He moved then, kissing George’s soft, concave tummy, nibbling at his hipbones, and then moving to his inner thighs.

“Did you miss something?” George squeaked, his entire groin area throbbing with the need for attention.

“A gag?” Jai said, so casually George moaned. He could see it, them, him gagged, his hands tied above his head, a blindfold, just giving himself over to Jai, allowing himself to be cared for. The fantasy–as well as the reality that was unfolding right at this moment, was enough to make George gasp, holding onto himself just barely as he spurted precise.

“Next time,” Jai said judiciously, licking George’s inner thighs right next to his balls. “Next time I shall bind you and gag you and blindfold you, and you will be at my mercy. But first, let me find out what I can do to make that good for you.”

“Suck my cock?” George begged.

Jai chuckled, his hot breath fanning George’s testicles. “Nyet.”

He kissed the crease of George’s thigh then, his goatee abrading the places George needed him to touch. He licked along George’s balls, digging into the base of them, not quite in George’s cleft. George’s moans grew louder, although he fought against them, and Jai grunted, then reached up, his body covering George’s in a whole new array of sensations, as he grabbed something else from under the pillow.

“This is just a kerchief,” Jai said. “It is clean. Bite down on it if you wish.”

George opened his mouth voluntarily and did so, glad for something to focus on while Jai made him lose his mind.

His thighs, inner and outer, the backs of his knees, even his ankles, all were treated to gliding touches, the grace of lips, the toying of Jai’s tongue. George was grateful for the kerchief in his mouth muffling his cries, and his focus on the rope above his head kept him from just beating on Jai’s back and demanding something, anything, on his–

“Mmmmmmmmmffffff!!!”  Just when he’d lost focus, begun to drift in the haze of sensuality Jai had created, Jai shoved up from the bottom of the sleeping bag and covered George’s cock with his mouth. One gulp, straight to the back of his throat, and George’s scream would have been heard across the lake if he hadn’t been gagged.

Oh God! Oh God oh God oh God! Jai was sucking him, long, slow, hard sucks and George was helpless, powerless against him.

“Don’t come yet,” Jai told him, his voice ragged. “Just let me suck you.”

“Mmkay…”  George almost sobbed. It felt so good, the pressure, the wet stroking. His cock wept precise copiously but George concentrated on the roughness of the rope in his fists, in the gentleness of Jai’s hands along his thighs. Another head bob and another and another, and George found himself lost again, pleasure the only thing that existed. Jai pulled off his cock, the lost of his heat almost a physical pain, and then George felt his hips lifted, his cheeks spread, and he groaned against the gag. He’d washed plenty good, inside and out, hoping for the best tonight, but Jai’s tongue, on his cleft, on his hole, was more than the best. He groaned again, eyes burning against the dreaminess of the rim job, and  was so adrift in the haze that he barely noticed Jai’s blunt finger sliding inside.

Until it began to tease. George began to surface, his ass burning for more, and then came the second finger, the ritual of stretching, and George began to shake, sweating, the strain of keeping himself in subspace almost too much to bear.

Then a third finger, and Jai must have found some lubricant somewhere when George wasn’t paying attention, because the cool and slickness against his rim, coupled with the stretch and the burn sent another round of need roaring through him.

He spit out the gag, needing to speak. “Jai, I can’t, I… oh God… I need…I’m…oh God.” He whispered it, still conscious that they were in a tent, and Jai slid a fourth finger inside him. Blackness washed behind his eyes as he fought orgasm, and sweat broke out across his chest, prickling with the pain and the pressure and the pleasure.

“I can’t decide,” Jai said frankly, his breath hitting George’s wet cock like fingertips. “If I want to fuck you the first time, or just taste you.”

Fuck me!” he begged. In his life he couldn’t remember being this aroused, every breath of wind across his skin agonizing in its ecstasy.

“Since you asked so pretty,” Jai chuckled. He withdrew his fingers, wiping them on a cloth near George’s head as he moved up the sleeping bag again. With casual strength he slung George’s legs over his shoulders, and lined his cock up with George’s asshole. George was still gripping the rope between his fists, and Jai paused for a moment. George realized his vision had adjusted to the dark and that Jai was just… looking at him.

“So pretty, my George,” Jai chuckled. “Let to of the rope and grab your nipples,” he commanded, and George was processing that when Jai thrust in.

George’s mouth came open but no sound emerged, the enormity of the breach was so astounding. God, four fingers weren’t enough, weren’t close, and yet George had been prepped, so there was no pain. Only the amazing girth as it thrust slowly into him, making him aware of every invading inch.

“Put the gag in, little man,” Jai told him, and George was beyond asking questions or protesting. He put the gag in and moaned against it, taking Jai’s cock in further, and further and further and…


“Yes,” Jai whispered. “That is all the way.”

George was shaking again, with the invasion, and Jai pulled out, leaving him bereft.

And then another thrust, and another, and another. Spots swam in front of George’s eyes every time Jai bottomed out, and he realized he held his breath for each thrust. He pulled desperately at his own nipples, back arching off the sleeping bag, body consumed with the fire of Jai’s possession, gibbering against the gag in his mouth with need.

“Breathe,” Jai whispered. “Breathe. And whenever you’re ready…”

Please? George begged in his head because his mouth couldn’t have made the word even without the gag.

Jai pounded a few more times, then harder, then faster, until the fireworks in George’s head were exploding with every breath.

Please? He thought again, and it wasn’t until Jai ripped the kerchief out of his mouth that he realized he’d spoken.

“Yes?” Jai panted, body still rocking, hands back on George’s hips where they belonged.

“Please?” George groaned, his body past endurance, past thought, past sanity. “God, I need…”

“Don’t ask God,” Jai growled. “He is not in your bed. Whose cock is inside you right now?”

“Yours,” George groaned. “Please, Jai… please let me–“

Jai kept fucking him, the slap of their flesh probably resonating across the mountaintops, but George didn’t care, would, in fact, keep fucking this man forever, as long as he could come right now!

Jai bent him almost in two and George’s eyes burned with tears again, pleasure taking him by surprise as that enormous cock hit his gland like a fist.

Come,” he rasped. “Oh God, Jai, please let me–“

“Come!” Jai groaned, his body rippling, throbbing inside George’s ass, and George kept his cry quiet, until Jai shoved the gag back in and then he let it all out, his body convulsing in abandon, his cock spewing hot and sticky between them.

Quivering, trembling, still rutting, Jai collapsed on top of him, and George spread his legs to accommodate, and still, still Jai’s cock was inside him. He didn’t pull out, just pumped hot spend into George’s waiting chamber, both of them burying there faces in th e other’s neck and moaning sweetly in repletion.

Soon–too soon–Jai pushed himself up on his elbows and plled the gag away. “How do you feel?” he asked softly.

“Melty,”  George responded, his body left shaking and unfocused in subspace. “I’m… no words.”

Jai laughed, the vibrations shivering inside George where they were still connected. “That is a change,” he said. “Because you kept trying to talk when words were not needed.”

Jai laughed again, and to his surprise, George felt an aftershock ripple through him, gripping Jai’s cock in a hard squeeze before it ebbed out, leaving him shaky and drained.

Jai grunted, collapsing on him, and thrusting inside again.

“Mm…”  George mumbled. “I could sleep like this.” Whole, replete, full of Jai’s cock and come inside him. He’d never known this could be a kink, but he was floating in a sensual sea, and all things sexual were good things.

“Mmm…” Jai reached up toward the pillow again and George used the opportunity to actually touch the man, his neck, his shoulders, his outer arms.

“That’s nice,” Jai admitted. “Let me do this thing, and you can touch me like that some more.”

George could see well enough in the dark by now to make out the objects in Jai’s hands, but he was so stoned on sex that he couldn’t figure out what he was going to do until Jai did a lot of things in quick succession.

The first thing he did was shift one of the objects down near George’s bottom and set it down. Then he used his hands to push George’s cheeks together while Jai pulled out. There was no rush of come, and before George could ask why, he felt the smooth, soft sides of a plug being eased between his cheeks, slick with the same lubricant Jai had apparently used with the two of them.

He grunted softly as as the plug stretched, and then hummed as it seated. He was full–not uncomfortably full, just… full.

“Why?” he mumbled, as Jai used the washcloth.

Jai made that happy, humming noise and pushed George to his side, the shift putting just enough pressure not he plug to let George know it was there.

“Whim,” Jai said, running his lips down the outside of George’s arm. “I want to keep my come inside you. It should be a silly thing, but it makes me hot, to think about.”

“Mm…” George agreed.

“And this way…” Jai thrust his damp semi-hard cock against George’s backside, bumping the plug and sending ripples up his body. “This way, when we awake in a few hours, we will both be ready.”

George hummed again, his body already tingling. So much he wanted to say, wanted to share, wanted to talk about, but he was as lost as he’d ever been, as adrift in sex as he’d ever achieved, and all he could do was let his body buzz with anticipation and his suddenly still mind float in pleasure and exhaustion.

A part of him was disappointed though. He wanted to tell Jai that what had just happened between them was the best sex he’d ever had, and even better, the most exciting thing he’d ever done.

Tomorrow, he thought hazily. After they did it again.

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    I love it. Jai is so charming.

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    I am dead. Dead. That was amazing! I love everything about this – the size difference, the sweetness/protectiveness/hotness, the flashes of humor – soooo good! Thank you!

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