I’m not dead…

I’m just in Canada.

Actually, I love it here–but I’ve been having a helluva time coping with a limited internet connection, and walking EVERYWHERE.

I’ve got pictures–no worries, they will come–and some stories–lotsa stories, trust me! But right now, I’m a little tired, and a lot grateful–Alpha came out, and so far, so decent. People seem to like it–or at least think about it–and that’s really all I really want.

The kids barely miss me (I’m sure they’ll change their story when they see me) and in the meantime, my mom seems to be having the kind of time with the super-shorties that she wanted to with the older-shorties, but couldn’t, because T wasn’t that great at being left and Chicken was an entirely delicate creature altogether.


All is well. I’m enjoying the hell out of myself–but on Friday, I will be glad to be home:-)

(Edited to add: Okay–I AM home– and I’ll be posting tomorrow, I swear! I wrote this post up in a hotel room in Vancouver, and then pressed “Post” and it didn’t! But I’m home, and I can send you a picture of Rocko, an American Eagle in Canada, and promise that probably around Monday, I’ll have a lovely post about Vancouver for you. Saturday, I’ll have a lovely post pimping Changing, the next Jack & Teague novella, and tonight? I’ve got a lovely sleep in my own bed planned–sorry, that one’s all for me!)

0 thoughts on “I’m not dead…”

  1. roxie says:

    It's great to be on vacation but it's also glorious to get home! Looking forward to those Canadian stories.

  2. DecRainK says:

    Glad you had fun on your vacation :0)

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