Well, I knit…

Okay–remember that seminar I joked about last week? Yeah… well we got part of that today. I was lucky. I got there late, sat outside and listened to the the sound the bullshit made as it hit the bleachers, and knit under the one spot in the foyer with a broken light. But I got something done, right?

The second half wasn’t so bad–gang awareness, as in, “Are you aware that your school has gangs?”

Yes. I am aware my school has gangs. And now I’m aware that ‘cuz’ means crip, ‘blood’ means blood, and ‘thizz face’ means what you look like when you’re high. I’m also aware that there are some pretty twisted people out there, some of them mothers. My favorite shot was of moms, sporting her gang colors while mugging the camera with her dead son, in his coffin at the funeral. Uhm, son was also sporting colors. (She even had her hair tipped in red–it was pretty disgusting.)


Needless to say, I came home and worked on some guy/guy werewolf porn to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. Seriously–it may squick some people out, but I’m pretty sure Proud Mothers Of Gang Members get a nastier place in hell and a longer stay than Romance Writers of Alternative Lifestyles–I think it states that in the bylaws when you join.

And other than that? Well, I do have a funny moment of the day (besides teaching another late teacher how to knit as we ignored the keynote speaker telling us that we should try to be less white as we teach our ethnically diverse students. Honestly, not sure what to do about the whiteness–I do my best to hide it, but it happened before I was born.)

Anyway, I came home and was putting the short people down for a nap, per usual. (oddly enough, it is the Cave Troll who needs the nap–Ladybug powers on through so she can sit on my lap while he’s sleeping.) Anyway, I gave directions–I told the Cave Troll to “run down the hall, take off your shoes, take off your shirt and crawl into the covers!”

Immediately after issuing this order I heard a patter-patter-patter..bump bump bump BAM!

“Mo-mmmmm!! I fell down and hit my head!!!”

Uhm, apparently he was trying to follow all those orders at once:-)

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  1. Louiz says:

    Amazing how short people either totally ignore instructions or try and do them all at once!

    And yeah, I suspect you are right about the romance writers – think of how much enjoyment you bring to the world, for one thing:)

  2. At least he remembered the instructions. I could only give the girls one at a time.

  3. roxie says:

    Love the Cave Troll!

    Gang moms have a long and nasty history. In Ireland, it is often the mothers that teach their children to hate the IRA or the Protestants. In the middle east, Mothers send their children out on suicide missions. It’s a defective gene in the body of humanity. Incomprehensible to most of us.

  4. Donna Lee says:

    He gets extra credit for effort! I have had several coworkers ask me to teach them to knit but then they don’t follow through. I don’t provide needles and yarn. They have to bring their own and I will patiently explain how to knit. So far, no one has kept up their end of the bargain.

  5. Galad says:

    I think the Cave Troll has a future as a master multi-tasker if he can get past the falling down part.

    I’m thinking the Proud Gang Mothers inhabit a whole separate universe from this Romance Writer of Alternative Lifestyles. You broaden horizons, they drastically limit them.

    So did you get any insight on how not to be “so white”? That cracks me up – like the kids wouldn’t see through that in a second.

  6. Wow. I’m missing all the fun. 🙁

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