I’m a writing coma, who’th’hell’re’you?

Seriously–20 pages of Teague & Jack in two days–I’m barely able to converse with my native species, much less blog. (For newcomers, Teague & Jack are relatively, uhm, raw…I’m afraid of what part of their story I’ll just start blurting out!)

Anyway, my document handler is totally spazzing out–you’d think I had six or seven copies of a five long books in there or something. Sure, it TELLS Mate that I’ve got 17 gigs left in my hard drive, but I’m thinking if I had all that extra space then it WOULDN’T BE SPAZTICKING OUT ON ME, WOULD IT? Have I mentioned I’m a little out of touch and weird right now? It’s going to take some serious interacting/sleep recapture to recoup from this last round of writing. The good news is, Jack and Teague’ll probably be up before Thanksgiving, and I’ll be cruising on Rampant in time for next summer! (Uhm, not that I’ll have enough money to publish then…I’ll be lucky if I can publish Bitter Moon II right now. In fact, we’re looking into ways to charge for Jack & Teague stories, just so we can afford to publish everything else!

Again, uhm, anyway.

Anyway, it’s Sunday! And thanks to our special number generator… (snark. Chicken put everybody’s name into a hat and I drew. Low tech. Notice the pictures on the blog? Thought not!)

Michelle in Colorado Springs, you’ve won my blog-contest–YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! So contact me at the e-mail in my profile or amylane AT greenshill DOT com, and we’ll have a chat about what you want from my stash/book stash and what mathom you want to start!

Excellent. (Me, doing the little happy dance!) My second successful blog contest–now if I could get pictures done…

Well, for one thing you’d see the Pony Puke Bucket of Boat Trash Poncho–it’s, uhm, special. I don’t want to give anything away, but, if the damned photo loads…well, you’ll at least see where the name comes from.

And that’s it. Well, maybe not it, but I’ve maxed out on my ability to concentrate today. The photo loaded–huzzah! You now have proof that not only have I not sold my children to gypsies, but I’m still knitting as well. Okay, I admit it. She’s hella cute;-)

Chat w/you all later, when I’m semi-coherent… let me go skipping down the hall now chanting ‘Jack and Teague and pictures OH MY!!!’ *hee hee hee hee hee…*

0 thoughts on “I’m a writing coma, who’th’hell’re’you?”

  1. roxie says:

    It’s clear that you have not sold Ladybug to the gypsies. They have seen her and know she is their QUEEN! The only thing that poncho lacks is jinglebells. I’m gonna make one just like it! My inner two year old demands it.

    Go gettum, Jack and Teague! Look into e-books. Freya’s Bower maybe

    (my verification word is gcmnked gay cute men naked, right?)

  2. Galad says:

    Now I want a pink poncho too. I’m with Roxie on the inner two year old!

    I’m amazed you can post at all after that much writing. I guess Jack and Teague wanted more of their story told. Good thing they have you to channel through 🙂

  3. Louiz says:

    fantastic jumper!

  4. Ladybug is cute as ever. Congrats on the editing. You’re almost done aren’t you?

  5. Donna Lee says:

    She looks quite pleased with the whole thing! My girls had a pink fur jacket that my sil gave them. It was hideous but they loved loved loved it and wore it to pieces. I just took their hands and smiled as we went out.

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