A Brief Meditation on Good Dads…

So, true story…

My phone defaults to the first song on my iTunes when I hit the go button on my earbuds.
It’s a new thing–new ear buds, new phone, but it’s disconcerting, because I’ll be in the middle of a romantic suspense story and I hit the go button and… 
Default song. 
But more on default song in a minute.
Went walking today–every day, actually, and Mate was in front of me, quintessential Dad bod on display, beard a little scraggly, own iPhone in hand. He was holding the leashes when he stepped aside to give another Dad-bod with a small dog on a leash pass with a good ten feet social distance.
And I had a thought. 
About how sexy it was to see guys walk small dogs that they were absolutely infatuated with.
Because it denotes something really important about a man. He doesn’t need a big dog for his ego. Don’t get me wrong– I love me a big dog and a thirst pic featuring a well-muscled man and a happy pit bull. But any guy who really loves a dog can tell you that it’s the trust and the caring and the knowing that this creature believes in you and that you take extra giant steps to make sure that faith is well founded. That kind of bond isn’t dictated or limited by the dog’s size. So seeing a guy with a small dog means that it’s the nature of the love–he’s willing to protect a smaller dog, doesn’t care about whether the dog makes him look good or not, and he’s not embarrassed to be kind to creatures that can’t actually hurt him. This is a man who is willing to put more into a relationship than lip service–and not to measure what he gets back from the relationship in terms of quid pro quo. 
These are good qualities in a man. These are excellent qualities in a father. Fathers–good ones–always give more than they get, and consider themselves the luckiest of men to be able to give. 
I know not everybody gets this dad in their lives–but I wish they did. I wish the world gave us more men who could fall unashamedly in love with a small dog, and let it bring out the best in him. 
Because that man would be kind to his children, and become a better person so they would have someone to look up to, someone to trust, someone who would give them faith.
So Happy Father’s Day to the good dads out there–there’s not as many of you as their should be, and we count you as the good guys. 
And for those of you who wanted to know what song I heard, when I was looking at Mate walk our two dogs and thinking he was kind and handsome and sexy– I’m pretty sure you could guess.

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