So, I got to queue with my editor today–that was fun.

It was also, fyi, the only really interesting thing I did. It was literally too hot to take the dogs for a walk and it threw into sharp relief how behind shit I am. I spent a lot of my day actually writing–go figure!

But one of the things that came up in the queue was where I’m putting my time.

Dreamspun Desires and Dreamspun beyond–50-60K stories that pack a full emotional wallop into a small space–figured prominently.

Fish will continue–as well as Johnnies Flophouse books, which have a lot of Fish tie-ins.

Under the Stars (Jai/George) will continue to be a blog thing, unless suddenly I have most of a novel there. Given how fast I progress, it may be the short piece at the end of the next Fish book, tentatively titled Fish on a Leash. 

For those of you who wondered, I had written Fish Dicks in the queue but it was solidly vetoed. *sigh*

I also have an idea for a new series (yes, another one) based on one of my favorite tropes, starting next year. Leverage? Oceans 11? The Italian Job? Yeah. *happy sigh* Oh yeah.

I made a list of things I called “luxury sequels”. These were projects I’ve planned and that someday I will write–but not today. *sigh* A lot of things I wanted to have done already got put on luxury sequels–but then I have to remind myself–like my publisher, I keep my promises, even if it takes time.

Some things that will be coming out–

Fish on a Bicycleand I’m really looking forward to you guys reading that! It will be out in October.

Fall Through Spring– this is the third and final book in the rec league soccer trilogy that started with Winter Ball. It features Clay Carpenter and Dane Hayes and will be out December 3rd. (complete)

Silent Heart– This is the sequel to Warm Heart and should be out in January. (complete)

Shades of Henry–Flophouse Book 1– This is a spinoff of both Johnnies and Fish, and it ties into both. It features the “flophouse”– a dinky little apartment with a lot of gay porn models running around in their underwear. Because it seemed like a good idea? (in progress)

Easy Out–This is a standalone that I will hopefully have done by November that involves hate-sex, two rivals in softball, and a precocious non-baseball playing offspring. (planned)

Shortbread and Shadows- this is a Dreamspun Beyond I’ve been dying to write, about a group of hedge witches who get things spectacularly wrong. (planned)

Fish on a Leash–more details about that later. (planned)

Safe Heart– Due out this summer, this is Glen and Cash’s story, and after reading Damien and Preston’s you’re REALLY going to want to see what’s next. (planned)

And that’s where I’m going to stop–because seriously, the queue goes out a couple of years.

But I know you’re going to look at this and think, “But wait…where’s…”

Well, that sequel of your dreams will probably be written in May/June, because that’s usually when my whim comes into play in what’s an increasingly restrictive schedule. Do I want to see Larx and Aaron married? Of course. Do I want to see Cameron and Jaime together? Hell yeah. Do I need Francis and Beltane’s story–you betcha.

They’ll be written.

Just not, you know, tomorrow.

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