… but the sweater is done.

I’m feeling mildly better–but the only–and I mean ONLY thing I did over the last two days was pack, edit, and finish Mate’s sweater. Now, Friday night I read at the Lavender Library, and Saturday morning I had a chapter meeting where I got to see Anna J. Stewart and hear Sheryl Lister’s rather amazing presentation on dialog, and after that?

Well I huddled in a blanket and tried hard to sleep. I wore my slippers. I drugged the fuck up. I tried hard to kick this bug before it kicked the shit out of me.

Mate cooked dinner. Twice. And brought me my coffee this morning, because it was clear I wasn’t getting out to walk the dogs. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be better tomorrow–I’m going to bed early for a 4:30 wake up and a 6:41 flight.

Here’s hoping. I’m also packing a fuckton of cold meds. Wheee!

And as for anything else I’ve packed?

Your guess is as good as mine. Could fit, could be a circus tent, could be a Chihuahua sweater–we’ll only know when we arrive in Florida and it looks like crap.


I don’t know if I have enough swag.

It’s bothering me.

Like, REALLY bothering me.

But there’s nothing I can do about it now.

The one thing–one GREAT thing–that I accomplished this weekend besides a shitton of editing, was finishing Mate’s sweater.

It’s crocheted, out of Plymouth yarn cakes and Encore, which is a 25%/75% blend of wool and acrylic. I know–I usually love the all wool myself, but for throwing in the wash with the rest of the sweatshirts (which is how my family cares for yarn!) this is pretty much  the best.

The pattern is my own, top town, and what was supposed to be a straight line down the center, a sort of pattern feature caused by joining the yarn, seems to be a spiral down the front. I am STILL not sure why it does that, but Mate swears it doesn’t matter. He’s also not sure he’ll wear it to work–but I think he’s pleased.

He posed like Obi Wan Mate for a couple of pictures–be sure to tell him he looks very wise.

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