Fun With Maths and Engineering

Okay– you have to click the link.



Like, OMG– it’s a baby jacket made in two pieces. By crocheting a SIX-SIDED SQUARE, each side with a right angle. Which is like… you know, WAY TOO MANY ANGLES. So, when you fold this six-sided thing, something magical happens. Something that only needs an arm seam to make it half a jacket.

And you add another six sided square and OMG IT’S FUCKING MAGIC!

I can’t even…

I’m just…



And the thing is, it’s like the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket  because with that, you’re working on a misshapen rectangle, that looks sort of like a tortured starfish, right? and then, when it gets to be the right size, you sew up the shoulder seam all the way down to the wrist and SURPRISE, IT’S A JACKET! Which is, as you know, how it got its name.

And yes, I should know this by now. I’ve been experimenting with sweaters and crochet and how to make a sweater in one piece, just add arms later, and I really really really love doing ALL OF THAT.

But I have to tell you.

Math and I have never been friends. I used to cry when I had to do physics homework. The only way I could ever reason my way through math was with words.

So to see math done in yarn, and to see it engineered to look like something amazing, and–ESPECIALLY with the use of color–to make it more than amazing, to make it MAGICAL…

Well, it makes me think better of people and the Goddess. It just really does. Because we could throw on any old thing, really. We need clothes to protect us from the elements. There are EASIER and CHEAPER ways to get sweaters– every knitter and crocheter knows it.

But we don’t do that. We sit with a project on our laps and work on it until we take string and a hook or a couple of sticks and make something beautiful and amazing and functional and sometimes even fun, and we give it to somebody else and say, “On to the next miracle!”

And we take joy in almost every stitch. (I say almost. Yes, I’ve had some projects that I’ve hated… but you try not to hate on the project… it feels like that poisons the wool.)

So there you go.

Today’s daily miracle.

A six sided square with 540 degrees of angles, folded in half, and sewn up along two sides, then joined with another piece of the same yarn-igami.

And in the simple things, I see the divine.

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