The Evolution of Chocolate Covered Broccoli

Okay, for starters, Chicago was FABulous!  And amazing and fun and…

I mean, it’s been a long time since I was in the theater, but I remember so much of it, like I never left.  What’s funny is, I think I could be a much better actress now, because I’ve developed a little more presence, but I don’t look like anyone you want to cast.  Ah, irony.

Anyway, Squish and Zoomboy loved it, and so did Big T, and Mate laughed too.  Of course, the really fun part was on the way home, when I said, “Oh, guys, did you know that the actress who played Mama Morton did a voice for Adventure Time?”

Ohmygod! Pandemonium!  They’d actually seen someone famous!  I’m sure the whole “voice actor” thing has been the bane of many an actor’s existence.  I mean, Jeremy Irons, right?  Has done an amazing body of work, and even showed off an amazing body at one point.  But what’s he known for?  Scar from the Lion King.  Kenneth Brannagh and Kevin Kline?  Miguel and Tulio, mighty and powerful gods!  (The Road to El Dorado is one of my hidden favorites to this day.)  But the show was a hit, and even if Zoomboy’s teacher had to call me in because we were a little distracted from our classwork the next day, it was still worth it.  (He was tired, so we both got in trouble.  *grump*)

Anyway– as a comment for the last post, a fan (Bright Oak) sent me This Video and I loved it so incredibly much I had to share it with you.  It is fun and adorable and thoughtful and… DUDES… Death’s kid KNITS! ’nuff said.  A thousand happy creative squees for that, and a thousand thank yous too.

Also, Mary Calmes and I need to be forbidden from texting, IM-ing or otherwise communicating when we, or, uhm, I have a deadline looming.  Last night, I sent her the above picture, of Zoomboy watching The Mummy while wearing an Anubis mask and wielding a Nerf style mace.  Anyway, she started talking about favorite guilty pleasure movies and I had to confess to using some movies when I taught, and, well, the result was this article at Cafe Risque that I titled Chocolate Covered Broccoli.  


Oh– and Steve, guarding the door in case I should, you know want to leave the bathroom at one in the morning and do a little more writing.  I don’t know why she thinks she needs to be right there but we try not to step on her and don’t ask questions.

Oh yeah– and swag.

I don’t know if I like this vendor as much as I like the last one with the purple bags.  For one thing, their color processes are, uhm, well.  BUT a yarn bag is a yarn bag, and this one has my logo on the side, and I like the purple pens (on the outside– inside ink is blue!) and, well, it’s GRL time again!

Oh yeah– and this is also Mary’s fault.  For those of you who saw me on FB and saw my name pop up a bunch of times, yes I did enter the Rainbow Awards this year.  If the gods are merciful, I’ll forget that I did that until the awards are over and better, more worthier writers have won.

Oh yeah!

And I discovered a new speaker!

Now, if you’re following me here, I’m preaching to the choir, but I was just so impressed with the way this guy reasoned through all of the ways gay rights are simply human rights.  He’s a professor of philosophy, and he was lovely when I e-mailed him, and very patient with someone who didn’t know the difference between Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin  (Kaje Harper, if you’re out there, forgive me.  I had a complete geographic break down when I was trying to place where he’s from. I’m afraid all three places got hopelessly icelocked in my brain– I wonder why? Michigan– Dude!  You’d think I’d never heard of the place before!)

Anyway– one of his lectures is right here  and even if he’s preaching to the choir, it’s always fun to listen and say “amen!”

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  1. Galad says:

    After reading Chocolate Covered Broccoli, I am left chuckling since Guitar Guy and I have some similar guilty pleasures. But who knew there was teaching value in the 13th Warrior. Guitar Guy has seen it at least 50 times (to the point where we banned it as a family) I am so not telling him about this blog post LOL

    Glad you had a good time at Chicago. I love live theater!

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